Tips on Sleeping Position

If we take an average life span of 60 years, we sleep for about 20 years on the bed. So Vastu advices not to sleep with the head towards the North.Thusa person sleeping with his head towards the North will have problems during sleep and may have problems related to blood circulation.

Here are some other directions for sleeping :

  • Growing children should sleep with their heads towards the East.
  • Try using a wooden bed instead of beds with iron or brass frame as metal works as an antenna.
  • Avoid box type beds.
  • Avoid a door opposite to the bed.
  • Avoid negative images in bedroom.
  • At night, switch off the mains because it gives out harmful radiation.
  • Open all the windows in the bedroom in the morning for about two hours.
  • The ceiling temperature of your bedroom should be less than your body temperature or else you may get a headache.

Other tips :
  • The ideal entrance to the house is from the North, North - East or East. Maximum openings in terms of windows and ventilators should be provided in the North - Eastern quadrant to allow positive sunrays. Further, Vastu dictates that lesser windows should open to the West.
  • The master bedroom is recommended in the South West part of the house.
  • The kitchen should be in the South East of the house.
  • Basement should be constructed in the East, North or North - East corner of the proposed building.
  • Balconies or projected verandah \ platforms should be proposed towards the North and East side, with the level of the floor lower than that of the general floor.
  • In the living room, furniture should be placed more towards the Western and the Southern side.
  • All mirrors should be fixed on the North or East walls and not on the South and West walls. Consequently, the wash - basins in the toilet too have to be fixed to the North or East wall.
  • If you are living in a flat where you are not allowed to make any structural changes like doors and windows; and you feel that there are negative energies emanating from the house, Vastu has simple remedies which you can carry out in consultation with a specialist.
  • Hanging or fixing strategic mirrors can help in deflecting the unwanted or unhealthy energies.
  • Changing the position of furniture and fittings.
  • Changing color schemes.
  • Changing the direction of circulation of wind \ air.
  • Adding or moving plants inside the house.
  • Changing the layout of garden \ terrace garden.
  • Changing the interior design.

Vastu is the very foundation of architecture and if the foundation is not correct, it will lead to several complications. In this modern age, even with a limited budget, more and more people are benefiting mentally, emotionally and physically by following the laws of nature. However, it is advisable that practitioners or a Vastu consultant must possess good knowledge of architecture before experimenting with the principles of Vastu.