Vastu for Conference Room

More than any other room in an office, the conference room is the embodiment of a company's inner working.It portrays the company's status and image. Conference room should be located in the east, northeast or north of the office. The conference room is a layout - its unifying table surrounded by a family of chairs – is the expression, in design, of how a company is run. Direct access to the conference room from the main entrance is advisable, and adjacency to the toilet room is a necessity.

Frivolous decor should be avoided. The conference table and the chairs around it should dominate the room. The table should be 29" high, though 26 " is coming into fashion. Various table shapes lend themselves to board meetings. The design and shape of the boardroom table can express company hierarchy by emphasizing different seating positions.

The design of a conference room should provide a calm, neutral backdrop for visual presentations in east direction.It should be preferred that most of the people should face east. If products are to be presented, they must be clearly illuminated, without distortion. In addition to projection screens, the conference room should include magnetic board and display walls for materials. The chairs should be comfortable and fairly soft for hard thinkers. In addition to the obvious tables and chairs, a considerable battery of audio - visual equipment might be necessary where presentations are to be made. Screens should be visible from every seat in the room. Some may require small projection rooms where every word spoken must be heard by all. Telephone should be placed in a separate area. Air conditioning in the boardroom itself must keep the air fresh, smoke and body odour free.

The conference room should have relaxing and a soothing environment. The ergonomic setting should reflect a good design element. It should be aesthetically appealing. The ideal location for conference room is the centre of the office occupied by the space element. This space should always be open, airy and well lit. A positive concept like exchange of knowledge can be chosen while designing a conference room. Painting of green and growing plants can be used in conference room. Off-white or blue colour can be used on walls.

The chairs should be simple and comfortable. It should reflect style and taste. Status symbol is also associated with conference room in some cases. Teakwood furniture should be used. Rich material like velvet can be used for upholstery with sky bluish and creamish shades. The chair should support all body parts. The back should be S-shaped with perfect armrests. The angle while sitting should be 90o or a little more. The seat should be two-third of the length of the thigh. The chair should ensure waterfall edging and anti shock mechanism. The furniture should not have any sharp corners or edges. It should have simple and energy efficient.

Ambient lighting through fluorescent tubes is preferred. Conference room can have circular design in ceiling. Designer can play with light and colour to enhance the design elements. Rugs or low VOC emitting carpets can be used in flooring. The carpet should be kept dry, neat and clean. Dust collection should be avoided. Plain colours should be preferred. The walls can have niches. The design elements can portray simplicity on walls. Glass should be used in walls to create a more open and well-lit space. The glasses can have blinds or curtains. The door and windows should have wooden handles.