Articles on Dynamic Numerology

Articles on Dynamic Numerology

The study of numerology is as old as history. Various systems of this study have evolved in different countries from times immemorial. Even though the study has a long history, it is still a matter of prolonged and bitter controversy whether it has any scientific basis. In this course, we propose to give some facts and explanations which prove that numerology is a natural science based on experience.

Discredit: The bur attached to numerology

It is necessary for every student of numerology to know why this subject has never been accepted as a worthwhile study. Many causes have contributed to the degeneration of numerology. The majority of the educated public are prejudiced; they regard numerology as mere superstition and condemn it on the ground that modern scientists reject it. But they should note that in this atomic age, what they consider trivial has been discovered to contain immense power. If, therefore, they consider numerology to be too trivial for their attention, I would like to point out this fact: the greatest truths known by the world, though once considered trivialities, have become sources of tremendous force. Another reason for the degeneration of this science is that inspite of numerous treatises been written on it, the modern authors have retained the dicta of old writers, accepting it as an absolute. As the modus operandi in building up this science was anything but scientific, these new theories have been incorporated upon that basic inherent flaw- its speculative approach. This aspect along with ignorant persons practicing the study of numerology has brought it into discredit. Thirdly, scientists have vigorously ignored the study regardless of the fact that occultism has often been the basis of scientific discovery: astronomy was developed from astrology, chemistry from alchemy. Furthermore, it was through occultism that the path of the thought initiated the development of the philosophy and psychology. The taboo which impelled scientists to exclude this study from their research has been mostly responsible for its fall into the hands of quacks.

Ancient India and numerology

The well known palmist and numerologist, Cheiro, has stated in his biography that on travelling to the East-especially India- he had the good fortune to come across a certain sect of Brahmins who had zealously guarded the studies and practices of an occult knowledge since prehistoric times; this wisdom was viewed as sacred as their own religious teachings. Among other things, these Brahmins permitted Chiero to learn certain theories on the occult significance of numbers, and their influence and relation to human life. (In subsequent years, on self- experimenting with this information, his manifold experiences confirmed the accuracy of numerology, which finally led him to simplify and share this practical knowledge with others to be used for their benefit.). These ancient Hindus- delving into the laws of Nature- were the masters of all such studies. But, in transmitting their knowledge to their descendants, they so endeavored to hide their secrets from the common people that in most cases the explanation to the problem was lost. The truth, on eventually being discovered, was shrouded in the dust of superstition. These ancient people, together with the Chaldeans and Egyptians, were the absolute masters of the occult or hidden meaning of numbers, especially in its application to time and relation to human life.

When examining such questions, we must not forget that it was the Indians who discovered what is known as the precession of the Equinoxes (the time when day & night are of equal length i.e 21st March & 23rd September) with their calculations. Our modern science, after labors of hundreds of years, has simply proved them to be correct. How or by what means they were able to arrive at such a calculation has never been discovered. Science has only been able to accept their statement first, and later acknowledge its accuracy; though such accurate calculation without instruments is scarcely conceivable.

The judgment of the Hindus together with that of the Chaldeans, as to the length of what is known as the cycle of years of the planets, has been handed down to us from the most remotest of ages. Modern science, too, has proved it to be correct. So when one comes to a study such as this- where the numbers 1 to 9 form an indispensable basis of all our calculations just as the seven harmonies of music are the basis of all music that have ever been conceived- it is then only logical to accept the decisions of those great students of the past and examine their deductions with an unbiased mind.

Apart from question of mystical associations, the numbers themselves have a very ancient origin. We shall, however, never know the genius who actually invented the numbers. According to Professor Max Muller, numbers were first invented by Arabs.

But it seems they had borrowed this knowledge from Hindus, who in turn, believe to have acquired it from God. Without a doubt, the subject of numerology had interested the most profound thinkers of bygone days; references to figures and numbers have been made in the Vedas and the Upanishads.

The Chinese thought

The Chinese considered odd numbers as denoting white, day, sun, heat, and fire. Even numbers, on the other hand, indicated dark, night, moon, cold, water, and earth. They incorporated into their culture the Phoenician alphabets and its sounds and letters as well. Gematria was the earliest form which revealed the hidden powers of numbers. It ascribed two values to every letter- one of sound and the other of number. The same system is followed in the modern form of numerology.

Numbers of Creation and Eternity

For ages, number 7 has been regarded as the number of mystery, relating to the spiritual side of things and number 9 as the finality or end of the series on which all our materialistic calculations are built. We know that beyond number 9, all ordinary numbers become but a mere repetition of the first nine. For example:

10 = 1+ 0= 1
11 = 1+ 1= 2
Similarly, number 7 has been considered as the mystic number: the seven Devas of the Hindus; the seven Heavens; the seven footsteps at the time of marriage (Sapta-padi); the seven days of the week; the seven angels of the Chaldeans; the seven Sephiroth of the Hebrew Kaballah; the seven thrones; the seven seals; the seven churches.

In the most ancient rules of occult philosophy- whether Hindu or Chinese or Egyption or Greek, or Hebrew- we find that number 7 is the only number capable of dividing the number of Eternity. Let this be explained by an example. Number 1 is the first number; it represents the first cause, Creator, God or Spirit. Zero (0) has always been taken as the symbol of endlessness- otherwise Eternity. By placing 1 and 0 (zero) by its side, we get the significant number of Eternity-1+0, i.e.10. Then add as many of these emblems of eternity (0) till you get a figure such as 1,000,000. Divide this figure by the mystic number 7 and you get the number 142857.

7) 1,000,000 (142857.
Add as many zeros as you like and keep on dividing by 7; you will always get repetitions of the same number – 142857- which from time immemorial has been called the Sacred Number. Now if you add this figure, you get 27, which when added comes up to 9.

The Pythagorean thought

The landmark is the history of numerology is Pythagoras. The discoveries of the Pythagoreans were numerous. They postulated the ten fundamental oppositions:

  • Odd and Even
  • Limited and Unlimited
  • One and Many
  • Right and Left
  • Male and Female
  • Rest and Motion
  • Straight and Curved
  • Light and Dark
  • Good and Evil
  • Square and Oblong


It was their contention that the Universe is the realization of, and rests on the equilibrium of these opposites. Even numbers were considered soluble, and consequently ephemeral, feminine, and pertaining to the earth. Odd numbers were considered insoluble, masculine, and of a celestial nature. A whole science of number interpretation was developed by Pythagoras. The basic idea of Pythagorean philosophy was that man could grasp the nature of the Universe only through number and form. The four elements, fire, earth, air, and water, comprised the holy four- foldness to which Pythagoreans addressed their prayer: “Bless us, divine number, thou who generates gods and men! 0 holy, holy tetraktys, thou that containest the root and the source of eternally flowing creation! For the divine number begins with the profound pure unity until it comes to the holy four; then it begets the mother of all, the all- comprising, the all- abounding, the first- born, the never swerving, the never tiring holy ten, the key holder of all.”

Pythagoras established a study centre at Crotona where this subject was taught under oaths of secrecy. Later on, Plato accepted the qualities assigned to numbers by Pythagoras.

Numerology in Kabbalah 

According to the wisdom of ancient sages, the world came into being through “sound, harmony, vibration and the spoken word”. Kabbalah is one of the oldest forms of knowledge. It means “received from God”. Kabbalah deals with numerology, which is but one of its subjects. The teaching of Kabbalah has been referred to as “the inner teaching of the Mosaic law”. Tradition says that God taught it to a school of angels, who in turn taught it to Adam and to Noah.

The importance placed on the sound and vibrations of the name can be noticed in an old custom followed by the Jews: the name of an ailing person was often changed at the point of death so as to create better conditions and aid the suffer on the road to recovery. In order to annual destiny’s evil decree, it was believed that prayer, charity, change of name, and changes in action were necessary.

Utility of the study of numerology

Every experience is knowledge and therefore, useful in everyday life. We have seen above that for thousands of years this subject has been practiced in all countries and at all times; scientists and educated people have also been taking valuable tips from the scholars of this subject at critical moments in their lives. Even Political leaders who mould the destiny of their nations take advice from astrologers and numerologists to enquire about their own destiny. It is a matter of great interest that during the Second World War, the great dictator, Hitler, used to consult his astrologer on many occasions.

However, when the astrologer found that after repeated successes in battles Hitler had started to ignore his hints, he stopped serving him. He afterwards approached the then British Prime Minister, Mr.Winston Churchill, who consulted the astrologer till the end of the war. It is said that the great emperor, Napolean, Bonaparte, used to spell his name as Napoleaone Buonapart. But on the advice of a numerologist, he omitted the letters ‘e” and ‘u’from his name and heightened the power of his personality, thus becoming Emperor.

If by our study of numbers we are able to find out the laws of nature that affect our lives, we shall be more happy, healthy, and successful in our endeavours; our life will be harmonious and move with such laws. If we can increase the power of our number by constantly repeating it and making use of that number in each and every action, we can absorb the cosmic energy and benefit by that energy; it will add to our personality. We have several self-improvement courses such as, improving our personality, improving our speech, improving our prospects in business, etc. ; similarly, practicing numerology will improve our lives by increasing the vibration force of our personality and lessening the intensity of our difficulties and obstructions.

We take the liberty to narrate one or two instances from our experience which will convince the readers of the practical utility of the study of numerology.
A few years ago a businessman manufacturing electronic goods approached us and told that he was trying to collaborate with another big industry, but somehow, the actual documentation was being postponed and the contract could not be finalized. After working out his birth date and name, our Numerologist suggested that he make a small change in his name by adding one more ‘a’. In order to get quick results, he suggested that the client should go on writing his name with the new addition at least 43 times upto 43 days continuously. He could do so by writing it on a piece of paper every day. Surprisingly enough, his long awaited contract was finalized within three weeks.

On another occasion, another client in Toronto had complained about her two-year old daughter, who was extremely hot-tempered and would cry for hours together. The daughter’s behavior posed a problem for the parent; they had to divert all their attention to her. One of our experts studied the birth date and name of their daughter and found that there was a disparity in the vibrations created by her birth date and the name. We suggested that she change her name and repeat it at least twenty to thirty thousand times. After about five weeks, there was a remarkable change in their daughter’s temper, and she showed considerable improvement in her behaviors.

Specific Numbers of the Months

Each single and compound number has its specific meaning in human life. Every month has its particular number.
The earth rotates once on its own axis every twenty-four hours. The revolving of the earth around the sun causes the formulation of the twelve zodiac signs. In a lunar month the moon revolves around the earth in 28 days. This is a wonderful mechanism of nature which is exactly like the hour hand, minute hand and the second hand in a clock.

  1. Aries (21st March -19th April): It is the first sign of the zodiac. According to Numerology, Aries covers the ‘period of number 9’. This Zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mars in a positive sense. 9 is the number for this sign.
  2. Taurus (20th April – 20th May): It is the Second sign of the zodiac. It covers the ‘period of the number 6’. It is ruled by the planet Venus and its number 6.
  3. Gemini (21st May – 20th June): It is the third sign of the zodiac which covers the period of the number 5. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and its number is 5.
  4. Cancer (21st June – 20th July): It is the fourth sign of the zodiac and covers the period of numbers 2 and 7. It is ruled by the Moon and has the double figure of 2-7 as its number.
  5. Leo (21st July – 20th August): It is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It covers the period of numbers 1 and 4. It is ruled by the sun and has double figure 1-4 for its numbers.
  6. Virgo (21st August – 20th September): It is the sixth sign of the zodiac and covers the period of the number 5. It is ruled by planet Mercury which has a negative effect. The number is 5.
  7. Libra (21st September – 20th October): It is the seventh sign of the zodiac and covers the period of number 6. It is rules by planet Venus and has 6 for its number.
  8. Scorpio (21st October – 20th November): It is the eighth sign of the zodiac and covers the period of number 9. It is ruled by the planet Mars with a negative influence on it. 9 is the number for Scorpio.
  9. Sagittarius (21st November – 20th December): This is the ninth sign of the zodiac which covers the period of the number 3. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and has 3 for its number.
  10. Capricorn (21st December – 20th January): It is the tenth sign of the zodiac. This covers the period of the number 8. It is ruled by planet Saturn and has 8 as its number.
  11. Aquarius (21st January – 18th February): It is the eleventh zodiac sign. It covers the period of the number 8. It is ruled by planet Saturn which has negative influence. It has 8 as its number.
  12. Pisces (19th February – 20th March): It is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and covers the period of number 3. It is ruled by planet Jupiter which has negative effect. The number for Pisces is 3.

Number assigned to days of a week
Day Number
Sunday 1 – 4
Monday 2 – 7
Tuesday   9
Wednesday   5
Thursday    3
Friday 6
Saturday   8
Number assigned to Planets
Day Number
Sun 1
Moon 2
Jupiter 3
Uranus 4
Mercury 5
Venus 6
Neptune 7
Saturn 8
Mars 9
The Sun and the Moon are the only two planets having double numbers as 1-4 and 2-7. 1-Positive Sun, 4 Negative Sun, 2-Negative Moon, 7-Positive Moon.

It is interesting to note that there appears to be an attraction between the number 1 and 4 and 2 and 7. It seems that persons born under the group of 1 and 4 numbers, such as 1st, 4th, 10th,13th, 19th, 22nd, 28th and 31st get along well with people born under the numbers 2 and 7 such as the 2nd, 7th, 11th, 16th, 20th, 25th and 29th. They are attracted more towards each other if either of these two sets of people are born in the “House of the Moon” namely, between 20th June and July 21st to 27th or in “House of the Sun”, between 21st July and August 20th – 27th.

What does your number say?

The Science of Numerology is the practical application of fundamental laws of mathematics to the material existence of man.
In mathematics, 2×1=2 and 2×2=4, you can’t write 2×1=4 or 2×2=2. Same is the case with Numerology. Characteristics of Number 1 are different from characteristics of Number 2. You can’t change the qualities of Number 1 with that of Number 2 and qualities of Number 2 with that of Number 1. But the basics of Numerology is contained in what “Cheiro” wrote in his first book. All other books of Numerology are just repetition of ‘Cheiro” book with some changes in the language or words. But characteristics or qualities of Number 1 to Number 9 are as same as ‘Cheiro’s” first book of Numerology. No numerologist could change the characteristics, precautions, strong period of life, weak period of life, lucky days, lucky colours of numbers 1 to 9 then what has been written by Cheiro.

How to know your personality numbers?

The birth number is the key to one’s fate, influencing life, which is also changeable. The moment of birth decides the note of harmony on vibration and so has its influence on the action of our lives from the ‘Cradle to the Grave”. The birth number relates to the material side of life. In numerology there are only “9” numbers, under the influence of which all of us are born.
What are personality numbers and how to derive them from 10 to 31?

Personality numbers are only ‘9’ From 1 to 9 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) Your birth date is your personality number. Your birth date is an X-ray of your whole personality. It tells all about your nature, your luck and your life.
Birth dates and personality numbers

1st to 31st of any month are personality numbers of a person born on these date. The following chart gives a clear picture of your fate numbers and how to know a personality number:

Dates and personality number

1 -1 11 1+1 =2 21 2+1 =3
2 -2 12 1+2=3 22 2+2 =4
3 -3 13 1+3=4 23 2+3 =5
4 -4 14 1+4=5 24 2+4 =6
5 -5 15 1+5=6 25 2+5 =7
6 -6 16 1+6=7 26 2+6 =8
7 -7 17 1+7=8 27 2+7 =9
8 -8 18 1+8=9 28 2+8 =10 = 1
9 -9 19 1+9=10
29 2+9 =11
1+1 =2
10 -10 20 2+0=2 30 3+0 =3
31 3+1 =4



  • Number 1 people are creative, strongly individualistic, pioneers, positive in nature.
  • They are definite in views, inventive, determined, obstinate and ambitious.
  • They dislike restraint. They are honorable, faithful and self- confident.
  • They are carrying out known for good or evil plans.
  • They are very fortunate.
  • Number 1 promises happiness, success, esteem and honour.
  • They are successful in planning for the future.
  • They have a positive and optimistic attitude and face the ups and downs of life with equanimity.
  • They are liked by the opposite sex and get benefitted by them.



  • Number 2 people are gentle by nature, imaginative, artistic and romantic.
  • They are inventive; they have qualities more on the mental than on the physical plane.
  • They are peace loving but mentally restless and unsettled.
  • Number 2 people are creative which makes them inventive but they lack determination to execute their ideas.
  • The moon gives them a love for aromas and fragrance.
  • These people are very spiritual and possess a refined nature.
  • They lack continuity in plans and ideas.
  • They are over-sensitive and get easily despondent if in unhappy surroundings.
  • They are agreeable, tactful and co-operative.
  • They can handle money efficiently and this makes them good bankers.
  • These people are nervous, mentally restless and must learn to be calm.
  • Number 2 indicates “happy marriage”.
  • Being kind hearted, gentle, helpful and caring friendships are sacred to them.
  • They are considered to be less practical as they get easily satisfied; they work less so as to get more time to dwell into their imaginary world.




  • Number 3 people are very ambitious, independent and tolerant no restraint.
  • They are proud and never take obligation of others.
  • They are dictatorial and lay down the laws which create a lot of enemies.
  • They are never satisfied in subordinate position and desire authority over others.
  • They are excellent in giving orders and enforcing discipline.
  • They obey others readily but insist on others doing likewise.
  • They are extremely cautious in carrying out their duties.
  • They often rise to the highest positions of authority, especially in the government, the army and the navy.
  • They are rather happy- go- lucky, easy- come and easy- go type.
  • Number 3 stands for attainment, power, individuality, advancement, honour, general good fortune, especially fortunate when found in connection with future events.
  • Number 3 people prefer perfection and task well done, considered one of the most mystic of numbers that represent the supreme goal towards which all work.
  • Excessive optimism, extravagance and pride might hamper their success.
  • Number 3 indicates good health & overall growth growth..


  • Number 4 people are intelligent, bold and secretive.
  • They are indifferent about accumulating money. They have a tendency to spend lavishly.
  • Number 4 indicates work accomplished through will, experience, action and zeal.
  • Number 4 people are cautious, steady, inclined to view everything from an opposite angle to others which bring opposition and secret enemies.
  • Number 4 people rebel against rules and regulations and could reverse the orders of things in communities and governments.
  • Number 4 people are very energetic, strong and sensitive. Their feelings are easily hurt.
  • Number 4 people easily become despondent and melancholic. They are inclined to feel lonely and neglected.




  • They make friends easily and get along with people born almost in any month.
  • They are like rubber; they are too elastic and rebound at once from the heaviest blow with no effect.
  • They are born speculators, dislike hard manual work.
  • They seem to naturally drift into marking a quick buck.
  • They are quick in thought and decisions and impulsive in action.
  • They live on their nerves and crave for every kind of excitement.
  • Number 5 people get help from superiors, protection from people of position, fame promising success, express cleverness and quick brain.
  • Number 5 people learn easily, are daring, gifted in speech and writing.
  • Number 5 people are most fortunate and their number promises success for one’s plans.
  • They are ruled by ‘Mercury’ which makes them versatile and mercurial.
  • They are strong individuals and detest any kind of monotonous work.
  • They are freedom loving, so cling to only one thing- their freedom.
  • They are extraordinarily alert and agile but lack perseverance.
  • They make friends easily and are advised to choose their friends carefully.
  • They are travelers by nature and they broaden their experience and knowledge through their travels.




  • Number 6 people are most charismatic and romantic of all the numbers.
  • They are ruled by Venus. Venus, being the planet of luxury and passion, makes them slaves to those whom they love. But otherwise they are very strong willed and can be rather obstinate and brook no opposition when angry.
  • Luck favors people of number 6 and they often take help and guidance from unknown sources.
  • Number 6 people love beautiful things and make their homes very artistic. They admire paintings, statuary rich colours and are fond of music.
  • They find pleasure in entertaining their friends and desire to make everyone happy.
  • They cannot tolerate jealousy and discord.
  • They are loved and often worshipped by their subordinates.
  • They are very determined in carrying out their plans; at times they are obstinate and unyielding.
  • When people born under number 6 become devotional no one can surpass them.
  • Number 6 is a fortunate number for obtaining money, gifts and favors from others.
  • Number 6 peoples are also good orators.
  • This number is associated with the gift of music and art. They are a dramatic personality combined with a kind of sensuous temperament.
  • They prefer the calm atmosphere of the countryside rather than the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Number 6 people enjoy helping others; pursue professional work and artistic professions especially singing.


  • Number 7 is associated with water. People born under this number become owners or captains of ships.
  • They are very independent and have a strongly marked individuality.
  • Number 7 people love change and travel and are generally happy if they visit foreign countries.
  • They are very interested in the affairs of far off lands.
  • They have a great knowledge about the world.
  • They often make extremely good writers, painters and poets but sooner or later show all undertakings of the peculiar philosophical outlook for life.
  • They have peculiar religious ideas & do not like to follow the beaten track.
  • They are dreamers, are intuitive and clairvoyant, and have peculiar magnetism over others.
  • They have good ideas about business but seldom put them in practice.
  • They are lovers of nature, and are patient in times of adversity.
  • Number 7 people are very courageous, sincere, and peaceful; know how to control self and others by their calm and self- restraint.


  • The people born under this number have a deep and intense nature.
  • Number 8 people have a great strength of individuality.
  • Number 8 people are either a great success or great failures, with no happy medium.
  • People born under number 8 when ambitious aim for public life or governmental responsibility and often hold high positions that involves great sacrifice.
  • These people are generally misunderstood and feel very lonely at heart.
  • They are faithful and stand for what they believe to be right regardless of opposition.
  • Number 8 is a number that can give an entirely different impression of what they really are.
  • Number 8 people suffer from persecution complex.
  • The higher aspect of Number 8 indicates a philosophic mind, religious devotion, concentration of purpose and zeal for any cause they espouse.
  • Number 8 is considered a good number for diplomacy and secret service.
  • Number 8 makes one an energetic and a good orator.


  • Number 9 people are considered fighters in all walks of life.
  • They usually have a tough time in their early life but in the end are successful because of their grit and determination.
  • They are gifted with a strong will and determination.
  • Number 9 people make lot of enemies, because they are hasty in temper, independent and impulsive in word & deed.
  • They are bold, courageous & can become good soldiers, leaders, doctors and lawyers.
  • They are prone to accidents from fire, explosions and rarely get through life without some kind of injury from such causes.
  • Number 9 people are either very good or very bad.
  • These people are married at young age, have a long life, scholarships, good health but have danger of loss of limbs.
  • They are rich and respect their fellow workers.

Your Current Day Predictions

Numerology can help us to determine the day that would be good for a specific act, like, the day we should ask for a favour, or enter into a contract, or embark on a journey, or start a new course of study etc. To calculate the day number, we have to take the date and the month our birth date into consideration; to this, add the date of a particular day, the current month and year. Supposing, the date of birth is 6-1-1964 and today is 10-12-1984. This matter has to be worked out as under:
Date of birth 6
Month of birth 1
Today’s date 10
Current month 12
Current year 1984
Total 2013
2+0+1+3 = 6
Number 6 is auspicious for certain acts. Please read the explanation given to Number 6. In this way, you can calculate for each day. We have given below the significance of the numbers 1 to 9 that will enable you to choose the right day for your action. Supposing, you want to take legal advice; number 3, as you shall read, is auspicious for this occasion. Every day is favourable for certain kinds of activity, and we should take our action on the proper day.
Significance of numbers 1 to 9
1 Vibrations emitted by number 1 are favourable for:

  • Planning ambitious projects
  • Expressing novel ideas
  • Starting some original work
  • Enrolling for a language course
  • Developing a new friendship
  • Interview with a prospective boss
  • Participation in music and artistic activities
  • Purchasing machinery and equipment
  • Participating in a competition or election
  • Embarking on a journey

Vibrations emitted by number 2 are favourable for:

  • Improving financial status
  • Selecting a life partner
  • Trying to get cooperation from others
  • Entering into a contract
  • Gaining another’s confidence
  • Diplomatic talk and discrimination
  • 3 Vibrations emitted by number 3 are favourable for :
  • Furthering your ambition
  • Presentation of articles
  • Taking legal advice
  • Making new investments
  • Asking for a favour or assistance
  • Presenting credentials
  • Studying a new subject
  • Developing contact with editors

3 Vibrations emitted by number 3 are favourable for:

  • Furthering your ambition
  • Presentation of articles
  • Taking legal advice
  • Making new investments
  • Asking for a favour or assistance
  • Presenting credentials
  • Studying a new subject
  • Developing contacts with editors

Vibrations emitted by number 4 are favourable for:

  • Providing educational facilities for children
  • Entering into a contract
  • Fixing securities
  • Arranging home affairs
  • Consulting a doctor
  • Dealing with agriculture

5 Vibrations emitted by number 5 are favourable for:

  • Playing with children
  • Participating in a garden party
  • Attending to correspondence
  • Making new acquaintances or friendships
  • Giving a talk on the radio
  • Arranging a short trip

Vibrations emitted by number 6 are favourable for:

  • Making yourself attractive and charming
  • Developing love contacts
  • Visiting a beauty parlour
  • Proposing marriage
  • Patching up old quarrels
  • Taking rest and reading books
  • Attending a conference

Vibrations emitted by number 7 are favourable for:

  • Controlling unwanted conversation
  • Taking care of diet
  • Peace and meditation
  • Developing psychic study
  • Taking decisions on family matters
  • Adopting a child
  • Consulting a Guru or a spiritual authority

8 Vibrations emitted by number 8 are favourable for:

  • Studying mysticism
  • Acquiring power of intuition
  • Developing spiritual healing
  • Making love
  • Trying one’s luck in a race or a lottery
  • Donations to charitable institutions
  • Contesting an election
  • Looking after financial matters

9 Vibrations emitted by number 9 are favourable for:

  • Visiting charitable institutions
  • Dealing with confidential documents
  • Practicing spiritual healing
  • Earning fame and reputation
  • Rectifying old mistakes
  • Going on a journey or a picnic
  • Doing original work
  • Attending musical concerts

In addition to the favourable day, if our lucky number also falls on that day, it will achieve positive results for any action undertaken on that day.




Your Current Month Predictions

In the previous chapter, we read about auspicious days for particular actions. We shall now study about the month and work out the specific purpose for which the month is auspicious.
According this system, we have to take into consideration the date, the month, and the year of your birth date. To this equation, add the number of the current month (the month in which you are solving this problem) and the number of months after your last birth. Let us suppose that your birth date is 26-9-1963 and the current month is May 1986. Solve this example as shown below:
Date of birth 26
Month of birth 9
Year of birth 1963
Current Month 5
Number of months
after your last birth date 8
(i.e. from Sept ’85 to May’86) _______

Reduce this total —2011— to a single digit: it comes up to 4. Thus, the month of May 1986 would be a 4 individual month cycle. Please read the explanation given to number 4.
In this way, you have to calculate for each month you want to know about. The significance of numbers 1 to 9 is enumerated below:

Number 1 month

This is a good month for new business enterprises, new associations, and new ideas. You should concentrate on buying and selling, advertising, publicity and creative work for profit. Number 1
denotes the beginning of a new cycle. Individuality, initiative, and independence are prominent characteristics of this month. Leadership and forcefulness bring success and achievement. A new friendship may prove a source of pleasure to you. Social success should bring you happiness and popularity. The new strength arising within you revitalizes your personality.

Number 2 month

This is the month of cooperation rather than starting any new project. You will play the role of an intermediary- the one to reconcile between those who have quarreled. Keep your temper in control. A friendship may blossom into romance or may turn into a prosperous collaboration. Minor changes may take place in your routine, but these will come as a result of the suggestions of others. In this month, you may find that you are unable to make up your mind about a vital issue. In that case, please postpone your decision until next month.

Number 3 month

Be careful not to squander your money, as a temptation to play with it may be very strong. As a leader of your group, you may find yourself in a prestigious position. In this month, you may get increased pleasure and appreciation in arts, particularly in literature. You will express yourself through words and oration. You will experience optimism and prosperity during this month.

Number 4 month

You have to work hard in order to achieve success this month. This is the month for saving and building up for the future. Bring out the ideas that you have been fostering and express them now, or prepare a campaign that will bear fruit in the future.

Number 5 month

This month signals to a period of change and adjustment, though only of a short duration. The home situation may go through some minor changes. Your employment situation may improve, provided you are ready for this advancement. This can be accomplished by the wise use of words when dealing with higher authorities.

Number 6 month

This cycle embodies the laws of material supply and education. For this reason, this month is one in which you will not have to worry particularly about the source of your income. However, you may have to share it, for the law of education implies the necessity of learning the lesson of unselfishness and accepting your responsibilities. Try to enhance the beauty of your surroundings, for the vibrations are favourable for an increase in enjoyment through the

decorative arts. While you will have to adopt a realistic and mature attitude towards your tasks and duties, you will also have the pleasure gained from a feeling of confidence and a deep sense of appreciation of all that is lovely in nature and in art.

Number 7 month 

The more serious aspects of life will probably have a stronger appeal for you this month rather than the frivolous or temporary pleasures. You can now view yourself, your friends, and your environment with an air of detachment that will bring clarity. Be grateful for this change to see things as they are; it gives you the opportunity to evaluate that which does not exist when you are in an emotional mood. Be prepared to caste off the impediments of life that are not worth your while. Make the decision to study, and let your field of study be broad. Life itself as well as people and customs are as vulnerable fields of investigation as the arts and crafts or the vocational subjects. Mystic studies should also hold your interest this month, and you should have some marked degree of success in the investigation of the hidden side of nature.

Number 8 month 

Power and energy are yours in the month when the 8 vibration reigns. This is a cycle in which you should assume the direction of all the affairs with which you are connected. All business deals- whether you are a tycoon or just a housewife who does the daily marketing- should follow the pattern that you have envisaged. Play the role of the director, for this your cosmic function under the present influence. Make achievement your aim of the month; now is the time to show the world (as well as yourself) that you have the determination to fulfill every one of your potentialities. Do not forget the plight of those less fortunate than yourself during this time of success and prosperity. It is truly more rewarding to give than to receive, and you will be blessed with this piety this month.

Number 9 month

This is an excellent month if you use its numerical vibration for the right purpose: you must get rid of old habits of thought and action that are deterring your progress. Keep in communication with persons who are far away, as this may lead to an unexpected opportunity. Spend at least a part of your time in the study of occult subjects, for number rules the study of the mysteries behind the veil. You may have surprising psychic experiences, and your intuition should be finely- honed. Do not seek outside advice: the answer to your immediate problems lies within yourself. Consider this as a period set aside for casting off the useless and preparing to begin anew. Face the next cycle with optimism and confidence.

Your Current Year Predictions

It is very simple to calculate your individual year. What you have to do is add the date and the month of your birth date to the current year. In our last example, we took your birth date as 26-9-1963. In order to compute a particular year for you, we do not have to take the year of your birth, i.e. 1963, into consideration. Instead, we have to take the current year about which we want to know. This can be worked out as under:
Date of your birth 26
Month of your birth 9
Current Year 1992

The above total, when reduced to a single digit, comes to 2. Thus, the year 1992 would be a 2 individual year cycle, the explanation for which has been specified in the following pages.
In this way, you should calculate each year you want to know about. The significance of number 1 to 9 year cycles is as under:

Number 1 year

The coming year holds out hopes of large scale improvement in many directions. You will at last be able to take the lead and shape your circumstances to your betterment. You will be more egoistical and you have to be on your guard against being too selfish. You also have to think twice before you allow your pride to stand in your way; otherwise, it will prove disastrous. If you are holding a key position in your job, you will show great interest in activities whereby you will benefit to a great extent. Do not be afraid of asking favours from your superiors; this is the year when you will derive much benefit through influence. As fortunate developments in this year grow, you will increase in your self-confidence. You will find yourself becoming a center of activities and that will enable you to enhance your prestige and social status. You will find others

in your circle more responsive to your leadership. Look, therefore, for greater power and fresh opportunities, but do not be surprised if there is an escalation in your responsibilities. Your new associates will become your lasting friends.
Number 2 year

This is the year of romance which will help to lighten your burden and add a spark of interest to your daily routine. In this year, you will get an opportunity to gain information which would be helpful to you in later years. There will be slow progress in realizing your ambition, and you will gradually change the direction of your efforts with the occurrence of fresh ideas and outlets. You will develop a more imaginative temperament which may boost your romantic efforts this year. Sentiments too will have free play. Close relatives will have great influence over important new trends. There is also likely to be some development in connection with someone living abroad.

Your magnetism will attract new friends; a receptive attitude, rather than an aggressive one, will increase your list of friends. Do not be impatient; please wait and watch. Partnerships, which will prosper, are also indicated. It is wiser to work out minor aspects than to launch big, new projects at this time. Important matters on the emotional plane may be exaggerated. You may find it difficult to maintain an even balance in your relations with older people or parents. In general, this will be a good year for you.

Number 3 year

This is the year of success. Yet, you should not consider this year merely lucky because the negative aspects of number 3 tend to scatter your interests in many fields. Self-expression is the prominent theme to this year, and so you should be careful of what you say. You can market your ideas through words, story, play, or script.

The coming year will be more expansive than any you have experienced for the last six or seven years. There are signs of an increase in your financial earnings and of the development of a more cheerful and optimistic outlook. Your intimate partners will be helpful and sympathetic as per your wish.

A more calm and collected behavior will be cultivated. Your former depression and pessimism will be entirely replaced with a positive attitude, and you will begin to look for higher progress.

Number 4 year

This is a notable year for you; there will be a number of changes and an atmosphere of unsettlement. Unexpected and sudden developments will take place, and these will involve forming several new associations and friendships. However, do not consider this year as one

riddled with negatively. You may expect a series of lucky incidents as well, this year. You are likely to undertake original and rather speculative tasks because these may prove most advantageous. Your outlook will become more unconventional. You will attach great importance to your new attachments, but rather puzzle your partners by an increasing tendency to make sudden changes without any warning.

The symbol of number 4 is a square, within which you are standing. Naturally, this restricts you as far as expansion is concerned. However, this does not prevent you from upward mobility.

Number 5 year

Number 5 vibrations come under the dominion of Mercury; this year, therefore, is a pleasant year for you. There will be travels either for business or pleasures. During this year, you will discover the power of your eloquence to sway audiences. The period is favourable for lecturing, teaching, writing, dramatics, and all communications through advertising, post, and over the telephone. You will be busy in intellectual pursuits such as, study, reading, music, and theatrical activities.

Throughout the year, you will be totally occupied with your commercial undertakings. Buying, selling and bargaining will play a larger role; there is also the prospect of increased travel. You are sure to receive some fresh offers which hold the possibility of an improvement in your status. There will be a new agreement entered into with someone, and this document is sure to have a far-reaching influence over your material affairs. Temperamentally, you will be more uneasy and uncertain. A worrying, nervous complex will need to be checked.

Number 6 year

This is a year of social contact and friendly atmosphere. Greater attention will be paid to your home and family life. Your friends and partners can be influenced, but they will be quite slow to respond to forceful tactics. You will develop a more easygoing attitude. Your outlook will be more cheerful and will have greater influence over your decisions.

Whether you are at home or away from home during this year, your mind will be occupied by domestic matters. You are likely to assume responsibilities of your family, and you will find it difficult to balance the budget. Married life will be happy and harmonious in this year. Comfort in your surroundings should highlight a perfect blend of the intellectual and the emotional aspects of your life.

Number 7 year

This is the year of peace, and this would be easily accomplished because number7 is intellectual by nature and would stimulate your mental potentialities. Your affairs will move slowly. Matters

related to distance should be attended to immediately so that you benefit from good fortune that may lie in this direction. Maintain your correspondence with faraway friends and relatives. If you are embarking on a career, it would serve well to choose dealing with travel or communication.

There are possibilities that you will be misunderstood over an important matter, and it will be extremely difficult to clarify your point of view. Your temperament will be conditioned by a positive type of person who will have an influence over your life. Your mind will be more imaginative, but you will also be increasingly moody.

Number 8 year

The shadow of the past is sure to exert a heavy influence over the coming year. The older members of society are likely to have dominance over your decisions this year. Do not look for quick results. All the indications point to a slow-moving, rather ponderous trend with recurring delays and frustrations. You may get opportunities for extra responsibilities to organize your affairs on a better footing. Some gain will accrue through buying, but it is not a favourable time to sell. Investment in insurance and government securities will prove to be prudent decisions in comparison to quick profit speculations.

Energy and force are bestowed upon you during this year. You should use this power in a creative and constructive way. All your executive powers come to the fore this year, and you should be able to command any situation. Your greatest reward may come to your in the form of satisfaction you get from knowing that your conduct is ethical and that you are making an effort to improve yourself and mankind as well.

Number 9 year

You may expect a variety of experiences this year. Number 9 represents the closing of a nine year cycle; it indicates the end of one type of living and the beginning of another with renewed hope and enthusiasm. Your psychological attitude towards this year is very important. You should cultivate the outlook that all things come to an end- but only to make way for the new. This year you will experience that you can rely confidently upon your impressions. Number 9 is the ruler of occultism, and this is a propitious year to further your studies along these lines. Take advantage of the positive turn of events to acquire all the culture, knowledge, and appreciation of the arts that number 9 favours.

This year will be more dashing and aggressive. The result will lead to a stiff battle with fate, but the odds are on your side. Be on your guard not to get involved in quarrels. The general undertone of impatience is sure to provoke friction, and you will be involved in disputes. Your

persuasive companions will have a greater influence over your life; it would be better to listen to them so that you get many useful hints and information from them. You will become much more impulsive and ambitious. Speech will be more direct, emphatic, and candid.


Numbers that are completely missing from the chart indicate lessons that the person has to learn in this lifetime. Knowing what numbers our friends and families are missing in their charts allows us to know what they are struggling to learn. This enables us to be more understanding and supportive. Without this knowledge we might criticize others for their performance in certain areas, which never works. By knowing their missing numbers we can help them in their difficult areas and encourage to lead a more successful life.

Everyone has at least one number missing in his or her chart.

Number 1

In this century we will again find people without the number 1 in their charts. This has been impossible for the last thousand years. People missing the number 1 will find it difficult to express their individuality, and will be more concerned with helping and nurturing others. They will be almost entirely without an ego. They will need to develop a creative outlet of some sort as this will allow them to express their emotions more constructively. Here is an example of someone without a 1 in chart.

3 5

( March 5, 2002)

Number 2

People without the number 2 in their charts are lacking sensitivity and intuition. Consequently, they will make many mistakes by ignoring the still, small, quiet voice within. They are inclined to be impatient and unpunctual. There is a tendency in these people to try to justify their actions, rather than admit they have made a mistake. These people need to learn to achieve balance in their life. Here is an example of someone without a 2 in chart.


3 7
11 6

(September 13, 1976)

Number 3

People without the number 3 in their charts lack confidence and find it hard to express themselves. They are inclined to underestimate themselves and be overly self-effecting. They find it hard to think logically when faced with distractions. They need to learn to accept themselves as they are, then move
move forward gaining in confidence and self-esteem at every step. Here is an example of someone without a 3 in chart.

111 6

(July 1, 1961)

Number 4

People missing the number 4 find it difficult to work to a set routine. They are frequently disorganized and lacking in motivation. Consequently, they seldom achieve much until they have altered the way they look at life. They need to learn to be better organized and to work for what they want. Because 4 is the number of dexterity, people lacking it are seldom good with their hands. As they develop more patience and tolerance life becomes easier for them. Here is an example of someone without a 4 in chart.

  9 2
88 1  

(August 20, 1978)

Number 5

People missing the number 5 find it hard to get goals; they lack drive and versatility. They need constant motivation from others. These people need to learn to set realistic goals and to complete them before starting on others. A missing number 5 is very common. Here is an example of someone without a 5 in chart.

4 9 2

(February 11, 1947)

Number 6

People missing the number 6 need to learn to give more of themselves. They tend to hide their innermost feelings from others. This usually relates to difficulties with one of their parents(often the father) in early life. These people experience problems in their relationships until they learn to be more open and free. Here is an example of someone without a 6 in chart.

4 9  
8 1  

(April 30, 1983)

Number 7

People missing the number 7 are inclined to be inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. They are disorganized in their everyday life. They have little or no interest in spiritual or metaphysical matters. They find it hard to be self-sufficient and dislike being left on their own. They need to learn to express their inner feelings and become more relaxed around others. Here is an example of someone without a 7 in chart.

4 9 222

(December 25 , 1942)

Number 8

People missing the number 8 are poor at handling their financial matters. They can be overly careless or too trusting and suffer financially as a result. They also tend to lack motivation and leave tasks unfinished. They need to learn to control a natural impulsiveness and think before acting. Here is an example of someone without an 8 in chart.


4 9 22
1 6

(July 26, 1942)

Number 9

It is impossible for anyone born in the twentieth century to be missing this number, but many people born in the twenty-first century will not have it. People missing the number 9 tend to overlook the feelings and needs of others. They are detached and obvious to what is going on in the lives of others. They need to learn to give of themselves, and to become true humanitarians. Here is an example of someone without a 9 in his chart.



( March 12 , 2001)


The magic square found on the tortoise’s back was called the Lo Shu grid. It was a perfect three by three magic square. Every row, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, added up to fifteen.

In the Far East numerology is still done by using the original Lo Shu positions. Any 1s in the person’s full date of birth are placed in the bottom row centre. Any 2s are placed in the last of the top row and any 3s go in the start of the middle row.

Any 4s in the start of the top row, any 5s in the middle row, and any 6s in the last of the last row, any seven in the last of middle row, any eights in the start of bottom row and nines in the centre of the top row. The correct positions for each number are shown in Figure. (This is simply to show where each number goes). It is impossible to have a chart in which every single square is filled. Similarly, it is impossible for anyone who has ever lived to have a completely empty chart. Empty charts are waiting for people who have not yet come into the world. The chart only comes to life when a baby is born.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

We will use the two examples to illustrate complete charts. The young man born on July 12, 1973, will have the chart that is shown in Figure. The 7 of July is placed in the last of middle row, as this is where any 7s go. The 1 and 2 from the 12th are placed in the centre of the bottom row and in the last of the top row respectively. The 1 from the 1973 is placed in the centre of the bottom row. The 9 is placed in the centre of the top row, the 7 in the last of middle row, and the 3 in the start of middle row.

9 2
3 77

(July 12th, 1973)
Let’s try another example. This time we will use the lady born on February 29, 1944. The 2 from February is placed in the last of top row. Another 2 is then placed in the same square (from the 29th). The 9 from the 29th is placed in the in the centre of the top row. Finally the numbers from the year are put into position: the 1 in the centre of the bottom row, the 9 in the centre of top row, and the two 4s in the starting of top row.





(February 29th, 1944)

Here is another example. Someone born on May 27th, 1988, will have the chart shown in figure.

9 2
5 7
88 1

All people born in the twentieth century will have at least one 1 and one 9 in their chart, but there is an almost limitless combination of the other numbers. Everybody born in the twenty-first century will have at least one 2 in their chart. You will find many similar charts, but it is unusual to find two identical charts except, of course, for people born on the exact same day.

The chart can be looked at in a number of different ways. The top row (made up of the numbers 4, 9 and 2) can represent the head of a person. The middle row (numbers 3, 5, and 7) represents the body. Finally, the bottom row (numbers 8, 1, and 6) represents the legs and feet.

Consequently, the top row is usually regarded as the Mental Plane. It encompasses thinking, creating, imagining, and analyzing.


The middle row is called the Emotional Plane. After all, the heart is in the body. This plane includes spirituality, intuition, feelings, and emotions.

The bottom row is called the Practical Plane. This encompasses physical labor, the ability to be good with one’s hands, and the ability be practical in everyday life. To use the head-legs analogy again, the feet are firmly placed on the ground in the Practical Plane.


The vertical rows are also interpreted. The first of these (numbers 4, 3 and 8) is the Thought Plane. This reveals the person’s ability at coming up with ideas, creating things, and carrying them through to fruition.

The middle vertical row (numbers 9, 5, and 1) is the Will Plane. This gives the determination and persistence to succeed.

The final vertical row (numbers 2, 7, and 6) is the Action Plane. This shows the person’s ability at putting their thoughts into action.

The three vertical rows make a natural progression. First of all, the person has to come up with an idea (Thought Plane). He or she has to have determination and persistence (Will Plane), otherwise the idea will never be acted upon. The planning is done at this stage. Finally, the person needs to be able to put the idea and the determination into action (Action Plane).





You will have realized the special emphasis of the arrows on the grid, they do contain different numbers. The following are the meanings of the different arrows as they are interpreted in the Chinese numerology.
We found mainly two types of arrows in this system. The numbers which are present and form a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally are called the Arrow of Strengths whereas numbers absence completely in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally is called arrows of weakness. In this chapter along with these arrows of weakness and strengths we also found four small arrows created by joining the four middle numbers of the outside horizontal and vertical rows.
Now first of all we analyze The Arrows of Strength which comprise following arrows.









The Arrow of Determination

This arrow is made up of the numbers 8, 5 and 2. People with this arrow are patient, persistent, and determined. They are happy to bide their time until the moment is right, then act with decisiveness. No matter what happens to them, they never lose sight of their goals.
Someone born on May 28th, 1976 would have the arrow of determination.


 Chart with the arrow of willpower

9 2
5 7
8 1 6

May 28th, 1976

The Arrow of Emotional Balance
This arrow follows the path of the Arrow of Emotional Balance in the chart, and consists of the numbers 4, 5 and 6.

People with this arrow are compassionate, caring people who often make a career out of helping others. They are sensitive, often intuitive, and have an uncanny ability to understand other people’s needs. These people can appear to be shy, particularly in the growing-up years. As children, they are well behaved, quite, and gentle. Someone born on April 15th 1966 would have the arrow of emotional balance.

 Chart with the arrow of emotional balance

4 9
11 66

May 28th, 1976

The Arrow of Spirituality

This arrow is particularly interesting as it is made up of the numbers 3, 5 and 7. It occupies the central horizontal row.
It emphasizes the feelings, emotions, and spiritual aspects of the people who have it. It indicates a serious approach to life and an inner calm and serenity that seldom appear before middle age.

A person born March 17, 1953, would have the arrow of spirituality.

 Chart with the arrow of spirituality

33 5 7

March 17th, 1953

The Arrow of Intellect

This arrow comprises number 4, 9 and 2 in first horizontal row. The presence of these three numbers gives intellectual ability and an excellent memory. This arrow belongs to people who are analytical, articulate, and logical, but who sometimes consider themselves to be superior to others.

Chart with the arrow of intellect

Someone born April 12, 1979, would have the arrow of intellect.

4 99 2

April 12th, 1979

The Arrow of Prosperity

This arrow is in the bottom horizontal row & is made up of the numbers 8, 1 and 6.
People with the arrow of prosperity excel in the business and commercial worlds. They are interested in money for its own sake, and are not usually interested in the higher values of life.

People who have the arrow of prosperity, but also have no numbers on the top horizontal row are cold, calculating, and unfeeling. They achieve great material success, but do so by ignoring the feelings and needs of others.
A person born June 18, 1974 would have the arrow of prosperity.

Chart with the arrow of prosperity

4 9  
8 11 6

June 18th, 1974

The Arrow of the Planner

This arrow consists of the numbers 8, 3, and 4 in first vertical row. The basic meaning of this arrow of planner is someone who is shrewd, cunning, and not very ethical. Consequently, it is sometimes known, fairly or not, as the “Politician’s Arrow”.

Someone born May 18, 1943 would have the arrow of the planner.

Chart with the arrow of action

4 9
3 5
8 11

May 18th, 1943

The Arrow of Willpower

This arrow consist the numbers 1,5, and 9. People with this arrow are stubborn, persistent, and determined. They are inclined to be argumentative and have strong opinions on a variety of subjects. This arrow is regarded as a symbol of success, because people with it steadily persist until they reach their ultimate goals.

Someone with a birthday of September 15, 1955 would have the arrow of willpower.

 Chart with the arrow of willpower


September 15th, 1955

The Arrow of Action

The keyword for this arrow is action. It consists of the numbers 6, 7 and 2 in the last vertical row.

People with this arrow need to be busy and love physical activities. They enjoy exercise and participating in sports. They have tremendous reserves of energy and are happiest when expending it on some physical challenge.
A person born July 12, 1960 would have the arrow of action.

Chart with the arrow of action

  9 2
  11 6

July 12th, 1960


Now we analyze the Arrows of Weakness.









The Arrow of FrustrationsThe arrow of frustrations is a diagonal arrow created by the absence of the numbers 8, 5, and 2.
This arrow indicates many setbacks and frustrations. In the East it is regarded as a sign of consistent failure. People who have this arrow should try to learn from every experience and think carefully before acting.

Someone born on June 19, 1974 would have the arrow of frustrations.

Chart with the arrow of frustrations

4 99  
  11 6

June 19th, 1974

The Arrow of Suspicion

This arrow is created by an absence of the numbers 4, 5 and 6. This arrow indicates people who are suspicious, cynical, and moody. They are inclined to worry and dwell on the negative side of life. This arrow revealed a “gray person” indicating someone who always lives in the shade and never comes out into the full light of day.

Chart with the arrow of suspicion

  9 22
8 11  

July 12th, 1982

The Arrow of Loneliness

This arrow consists of the absence of the numbers 3, 5, and 7 in the centre horizontal row. This arrow denotes a lack of feelings. People with this arrow are so intent on achieving their goals that they forget their friends and family, and consequently lack joy, love and laughter in their lives. They usually suffer enormously from loneliness in their old age.
Someone born August 28, 1986 would have the arrow of loneliness.

Chart with the arrow of loneliness


  9 2
888 1 6

August 28th, 1986

The Arrow of Apathy

This arrow is created when the chart lacks the numbers 2, 7 and 6 in last vertical row. People with the arrow of apathy lack motivation and fail to grasp opportunities, even when freely handed to them. These people are indecisive, frightened of taking risks, and generally achieve only a fraction of what they could do if they applied themselves.
Someone born May 14, 1983 would have the arrow of apathy.

Chart with the arrow of apathy

4 9
3 5
8 11

May 14th, 1983

The Arrow of Confusion

This arrow is caused by a lack of the numbers 8, 3, and 4 in the chart. It occupies the left-hand vertical column.
People with this arrow are not logical, methodical, or organized. They live from day to day, seldom making long-term plans. When they do, they usually sabotage the plans before they bear fruit.
Someone born July 12, 1975 has the arrow of confusion.

Chart with the arrow of confusion

  9 2
  5 77

July 12th, 1975

The Arrow of Losses

This arrow is created by an absence of the numbers 8, 1 and 6 in the bottom horizontal row. Consequently, nobody has had this arrow in their charts for the last thousand years, but it will appear again in the twenty-first century. These people will try to make money by participating in get-rich -quick schemes. They will constantly fail in these, and will not realize until middle age. If they had put the same amount of effort into a single, worthwhile goal they would have achieved success.

People born April 23, 2035 will have the arrow of losses.

Chart with the arrow of losses

4   22
33 5  

April 23rd, 2035

The Arrow of Indecision

This arrow is created by an absence of the number 1, 5 and 9 in the centre vertical row. No one has had this arrow for the last one thousand years, but we will start to see it in the twenty-first century.
People with this arrow have a desperate desire to be accepted and liked. Consequently, they can be easily led and swayed by others. They will find it extremely hard to stand up for what they believe in as they want to please everyone and are unable to express views that other people might not accept. Someone born on July 8th 2002 would have the above arrow.

Chart with the arrow of indecision

8   6

July 8th, 2002

The Arrow of Poor Memory

This arrow is created by an absence of the numbers 4, 9 and 2 in the top horizontal row. This arrow will not be found until the thirty-first century. Everyone born in the last century has had a 9 in his or her chart and everyone born in the next one thousand years will have a 2.

People with this arrow start out in life with strong intellectual capabilities that gradually weaken as the person mature. These people are also frequently overwhelmed by the vivid nature of their thoughts and can suffer from mental imbalance. Someone born on May 6th 3087 would have arrow of poor memory.

Chart with the arrow of poor memory

3 5 7
8   6

June 19th, 1974

After analyzing the arrows of strengths and weakness now we discuss the four small arrows:-









These four small arrows are created by joining the four middle numbers of the outside horizontal and vertical rows. These are the small arrows joining the numbers 1 and 3, 3 and 9, 9 and 7, and 7 and 1.


The Arrow of Detail and Deceit

This is the arrow created when the chart contains both a 1 and a 3. People with this combination enjoy the details of things. In fact, if there is more than one of each number the person is inclined to be a perfectionist. There is a negative side to this arrow also. People with it are inclined to be dishonest when it suits them. They may lie about something or conceal the truth to protect themselves.
Someone born March 23, 1967 would have the arrow of detail and deceit.

Chart with the arrow of detail and deceit

  9 2
33   7
  1 6

March 23rd, 1967

The Arrow of Litigation

This arrow is created when the chart contains both the numbers 3 and 9. People with this combination are inclined to argue and become involved in disputes of all kinds. If these get too serious they have to be settled in a court of law, which is why this combination is known as the arrow of litigation.
Someone born July 3, 1985 would have the arrow of litigation.

Chart with the arrow of litigation

3 5 7
8 1  

July 3rd, 1985

The Arrow of Peace of Mind

This arrow is created when the chart contains both a 9 and a 7. People with this combination are positive, confident, and have a strong faith. The logic of the 9 helps the spirituality of the 7, and vice versa. The people can face up to difficult situations with equanimity, confident that everything will work out for the best.
Someone born July 8, 1966 would have the arrow of peace of mind.

Chart with the arrow of peace of mind

8 1 66

July 8th, 19664

Arrow of Science

People with charts that contain the numbers 1 and 7 are interested in the mysteries of the world we live in. They enjoy searching for the hidden truths and can become so involved with their studies that they get lost in research. They are usually interested in the sciences (frequently those that concern the oceans), which is how this arrow got its name. Someone born May 27, 1974 would have the arrow of science.

Chart with the arrow of science

4 9 2
  5 77

May 27th, 1974


Loshu Grid

Every number in the Loshu Grid has a meaning. Now we will know the meaning of numbers present in one’s date of birth. If the numbers are in multiple than the effect varies.

The Number 0

There is no position in the loshu grid for zeros. They are simply ignored. A person’s chart is shown in Figure, has two zeros in his date of birth (October 14, 1980). We insert the 1s, 4s, 8 and 9 in their correct positions in the chart, but forget about the two zeros.

4 9
8 111

(October 14th, 1980)

The Number 1

One is situated in the centre of the bottom row at the middle of the Practical Plane. It provides a valuable clue as to how the person reacts and communicates with others.

One 1
People with just one 1 in their loshu grid find it hard to express their innermost feelings. They may be good communicators in other ways, but find it hard to allow their inner self to emerge. They often find it hard to see the other person’s point of view.

9 222
8 1

(February 20th, 1982)

Here is an example of a person with one 1 in his loshu grid. He obviously expresses himself extremely well in public, but finds it difficult to talk about his innermost feelings with the people he loves the most.

Two 1s
People with two 1s in their loshu grid are able to express themselves easily and fluently. They have a balanced outlook on life and are able to assess situations in an impartial manner. They can understand the other person’s point of view as well as their own. This is regarded as being the perfect number of 1s to have in a chart. A person born on May 29, 1971 is an example of someone with two 1s in his chart.

9 2

(January 27th, 1970)

Three 1s

People with three 1s in their loshu grid fall into two types. Usually, they are chatterboxes who never stop talking. However, you also sometimes find people with three 1s who are quiet and introspective. Interestingly enough, many of these people can be both, and which one they are at any given time depends on the situation.

People with three 1s are generally happy, outgoing people, and many prominent entertainers have this combination in their chart. A person born on October 14, 1940 is an example of someone with three 1s in his chart.

44 9

(October 14th, 1940)

Four 1s

People with four 1s in their loshu grid find it extremely difficult to express themselves verbally. They are sensitive, caring people who are frequently misunderstood. They also find it very hard to relax and unwind. A person born on November 12, 1979 is an example of someone with four 1s in her chart.

99 2

(November 12th, 1979)
Five, Six, or Seven 1s
People with five or more 1s in their loshu grid experience enormous difficulties in expressing themselves verbally. They are frequently misunderstood and often direct their expressive skills into an area they find less painful, such as writing, painting or dancing. Some people with this combination overindulge in food, drugs or alcohol. A person born on November 19, 1971 is an example of someone with five 1s in her chart.


(November 19th, 1971)

The Number 2

Two is the last number on the mental Plane. It reveals how sensitive and intuitive the person is. This century, it is the third most common number in Chinese numerology charts. Everyone born in the twenty-first century will have at least one 2 in their loshu grid. This can be taken as a sign of the coming of the age of Aquarius as everyone will possess caring, sensitive, and intuitive qualities. How-and if-they use these traits is another matter, of course.

One 2

People with one 2 in their loshu grid are sensitive and intuitive. Unfortunately, they are also easily hurt. They are able to sum up other people at a glance, and have an uncanny ability at detecting insincerity. A person born on December 14th, 1983, had one 2 in his chart.

4 9 2
3 5  
8 111  

(December 14th, 1983)

Two 2s
People with two 2s in their loshu grid are highly intelligent, sensitive, and intuitive. Unlike people with only one 2, they are able to make good use of their intuition. They can easily detect the motivations of others and be able to assess others at a glance. A person born on Feb.28th, 1979 is an example of someone with two 2s in his chart.

8 1  

(February 28th, 1979)

Three 2s
People with three 2s in their loshu grid experience an overabundance of this sensitive, intuitive energy and can easily be hurt. They may give the impression of being aloof, because they live in a world of their own feelings, and often prefer being on their own instead of spending time with others who might hurt their feelings. A person born on February 22, 1982 is an example of someone with three 2s in chart.

  9 222
8 1  

(February 22nd, 1982)

Four 2s
People with four 2s in their loshu grid are impatient and inclined to overreact to small problems. They are extremely sensitive and frequently prefer time by themselves, rather than risk being hurt by others. A person born on February 22nd, 1972 is an example of someone with four 2s in his chart.

  9 2222

(February 22nd, 1972)

Five 2s or Six 2s
People with five 2s are very rare, which is unfortunate, as they find life extremely difficult. They are overly sensitive; they suffer constantly from self-doubt and lack of confidence and trust in others. Next century it will be possible to find people with six twos (February 22, 2022), and these people will find this incredible sensitivity almost impossible to handle.

The Number 3

Three is found in the start of Middle row & at the start of the Emotional Plane. It is also the centre number of the Thought Row. Consequently, it is largely related to intellectual capacity. It is a positive, happy number. Three also relates to memory and the ability to think clearly and logically.

One 3
People with one 3 in their loshu grid possess good, creative brains and an excellent memory. They keep their feet on the ground and have a positive approach concerning reaching their goals. They are able to inspire others with their optimism and honestly. A person born on March 8, 1985 is an example of someone with one 3 in his chart.

3 5  
88 1  

(March 8th, 1985)

Two 3s

People with two 3s in their loshu grid possess good imaginations. They are mentally alert and usually creative. They enjoy flouting convention and may appear to be slightly eccentric. Many people with this combination become writers, as they have the ability to channel their creative imagination and express their ideas in words. A person born on March 24, 1983 is an example of someone with two 3s in his chart.

4 9 2
8 1  

(March 24th, 1983)

Three 3s

People with three 3s in their loshu grid live inside their rich imaginations. They often find it hard to relate well with others and can appear self-absorbed and remote. They possess excellent mental ability, but frequently spend their lives in a world of dreams. They find it hard to listen to others and can be argumentative and petty at times. Here is an example of three 3s in chart. A person born on March 13th, 1983.

333 5
8 1

(March 13th, 1983)

Four 3s

People with four 3s in their loshu grid are impractical, overly imaginative, and fearful. All of these things make it hard for them to function well in everyday life.

This combination is found very rarely. The next time it will occur is March 3, 2033. It will appear again on the 13th, 23rd, and 31st of the same month.


People born on March 3, 2033, will have four 3s in their charts.

The Number 4

Four is a practical, hard-working number that represents order and balance. People with this number in their charts are usually neat, tidy, and good with details.


One 4
People with one 4 in their loshu grid are practical and usually good with their hands. They enjoy “hands-on” type occupations and get impatient with imaginative ideas and theories. They have the ability to organize others and carry out plans to perfection. A single 4 also relates to music and handicrafts. A person born on March 14th, 1986 is an example of someone with a single 4 in her chart.

4 9  
8 11 6

(March 14th, 1986)

Two 4s
People with two 4s in their loshu grid are inclined to become overly involved in physical and materialistic activities at the expense of other activities. They have excellent organizational skills, and love starting a task at the beginning and carrying it through to the end. They are conscientious, accurate, and tidy people. They often have considerable creative ability in their hands and enjoy making beautiful objects. A person born on April 24th, 1986 is an example of someone with two 4s in her char.


44 9 2
81 1 6

(April 24th, 1986)

Three 4s
People with three 4s in their loshu grid are involved almost exclusively with physical activities, and find it hard to pay attention to other areas of their lives. They are well organized, self-disciplined, and hard-working. Their abilities are obvious to others, but people with three 4s frequently find it difficult to accept their natural talents and waste years working in the wrong fields. A person born on April 24, 1974 is an example of someone with three 4s in her chart.

444 9 2

(April 24th, 1974)

Four 4s

People with four 4s in their loshu grid are very hard to find. Last time this chart occurred was on April 24, 1944. It will not occur again until 2044. These people are totally immersed in physical activities and find it difficult to understand other people who are interested in intellectual or spiritual matters. They possess enormous ability at anything involving their hands. People with four 4s are susceptible to damage to the lower limbs.

4444   22

(April 24th, 2044) Four 4s occurred in a chart.

The Number 5
Five is placed in the central position of the chart, and denotes balance and emotional stability. However, it also relates to freedom, so people with a 5 in their charts need a certain amount of room around them and are likely to run if they feel overly restricted.


One 5
People with one 5 in their loshu grid are emotionally well balanced. They are compassionate, understanding, and caring. They are able to motivate and inspire others to achieve much more than would have otherwise been possible. A person born on November 20th, 1985 which gives one 5 in the chart.

9 2
8 111

(November 20th, 1985)

Two 5s
People with two 5s in their loshu grid are intense and determined. They have a great deal of drive and enthusiasm. They have problems harnessing their emotions, which can lead to outbursts that are later regretted. This often creates difficulties in home and family life. A person born on May 15, 1993 is an example of someone with two 5s in his chart.

3 99  

(May 15th, 1993)

Three 5s
People with three 5s in their loshu grid are prone to speaking without thinking and can hurt others unwittingly. They have a great deal of drive and energy, but these qualities need to be carefully channeled. They enjoy change, adventure, excitement, and often take unnecessary risks. A person born on May 15, 1975 is an example of someone with three 5s in his chart.


(May 15th, 1975)

Four 5s
People with four 5s in their loshu grid are hard to find, because this combination occurs just three times every hundred years. The next time this combination occurs will be May 5, 2055. This combination is a dangerous one as it provides the potential for accidents. People with four 5s need to slow down and think before acting.


Four 5s will next appear in the chart for May 5, 2055.

The Number 6
The number 6, located in the last of the bottom row, relates to creativity and love of home and family. It also relates helpful people and friendship.

One 6

People with one 6 in their loshu grid have a great love for their home and loved ones. They enjoy domestic responsibilities and also possess considerable creative potential. They make good parents and ultimately become the person everyone comes to in the family when things are not going well. They are often insecure and worry about being widowed and left on their own. A person born on July 16, 1981 is an example of someone with one 6 in her chart.

8 111 6

(July 16th, 1981)

Two 6s
People with two 6s in their loshu grid are inclined to worry unnecessarily about their home and family. The nervous strain this creates means that they need more rest than most people. They enjoy creative activities and are happiest surrounded by beautiful things. They are usually over-protective and find it hard to let their children stand on their own two feet. A person born on March 16, 1926 is an example of someone with two 6s in his chart.

8 11 66

(March 16th, 1986)

Three 6s 
People with three 6s in their loshu grid are inclined to be overly protective and possessive of their loved ones. They also have considerable creative potential, which provides a useful release for their emotional tension. They are inclined to look more on the negative side of life than the positive, and need constant encouragement. Stress and worry can be a problem for these people. A person born on June 16, 1986 is an example of someone with three 6s in his chart.

8 11 666

(June 16th, 1986)

Four 6s
People with four 6s in their loshu grid are highly creative, but they find it hard to channel this energy in the early part of their life. Everything affects them emotionally, which makes it hard for them to fit in to everyday life. There are just three days every century where people with four 6s are born. The most recent of these was June 26, 1966.

  9 2
  1 6666

June 26, 1966 the most recent day with three 6s in its chart.

The Number 7

The number 7 is situated in the last of the middle row. It represents sacrifice, usually learning the hard way, through a disappointment or a loss.

One 7

People with one 7 in their loshu grid are likely to learn through losses of love, possessions, or health. As they learn from these experiences they usually become more and more interested in metaphysical or spiritual pursuits. A person born on July 8, 1986 is an example of a person with one 7 in his chart.

88 1 6

(July 8th, 1986)

Two 7s
People with two 7s in their loshu grid grow in knowledge and wisdom by losing either love, health, or money. Ultimately, this is likely to lead to an interest in the psychic or occult worlds. They have analytical brains, which makes them good at solving intricate technical problems.
A person born on March 18, 1977 is an example of someone with two 7s in his chart.

3 77
8 11

(March 18th, 1977)

Three 7s
People with three 7s in their loshu grid often lead sad lives caused by major disappointments and setbacks in the areas of love, health, and money. Frequently, these people develop tremendous reserves of inner strength as a result of these difficulties. A person born on July 7, 1997 is an example of someone with three 7s in his chart.


(July 7th, 1997)

Four 7s
People with four 7s in their loshu grid have to learn through major lessons involving loss of love, health, and finances. Fortunately, there are only three days every century when this combination occurs. The most recent of these was July 27, 1977.

9 2

July 27, 1977, the most recent date with four 7s in its chart.

The Number 8
The number eight relates to attention to detail and is situated in the start of bottom line.


One 8
People with one 8 in their loshu grid are methodical, conscientious, and good with details. However, surprisingly, they usually find it hard to finish the tasks they begin. They have restless, active minds and need constant mental challenges. A person born on July 15th, 1968 is an example of someone who has a single 8 in his chart.

5 7
8 11 6

(July 15th, 1968)
Two 8s
People with two 8s in their loshu grid are extremely perceptive and conscientious. They prefer to experience things for themselves, rather than take too much on trust. They have fixed views and opinions and find it hard to change their minds after decisions have been made. A person born on August 18, 1990 is an example of someone with two 8s in his chart.

88 11

(August 18th, 1990)

Three 8s
People with three 8s in their loshu grid are conscientious, rigid, and frequently restless. They develop more purpose in life about the time they reach age of forty and after that make rapid progress. They can be overly materialistic and need to learn that possessions cannot bring lasting happiness. A person born on August 28th, 1978 is an example of someone with three 8s in his chart.

9 2
888 1

(August 28th, 1978)

Four 8s
People with four 8s in their loshu grid are extremely restless and have a strong need for change and variety in their lives. Once they find something they really want to pursue, their progress can be a joy to behold. Until then, though, they are likely to lead rather aimless, pointless lives. This combination occurs just three times every century. The most recent was August 28, 1988. A person born on August 18, 1988 is an example of someone with four 8s in his char.

8888 11

(August 18th, 1988)

The Number 9
Everybody born in the twentieth century has at least one 9 in his or her chart. It is a humanitarian number, representing idealism, valor, and ambition.

One 9
People with one 9 in their loshu grid are ambitious and have a strong desire to improve themselves. The number 9 is on both the Mental Plane and the Action Line. This is one reason humankind has achieved such a great deal in the twentieth century. However, it appears that many of us still need to learn to be humanitarians. It is not hard to find someone to act as an example of one 9 in their chart. A person born on August 27th, 1970 is an example.

9 2
8 1

(August 27th, 1970)

Two 9s
People with two 9s in their loshu grid are idealistic, intelligent, and inclined to be critical of others. Because they are highly intelligent they sometimes tend to look down on others who are not similarly blessed. They need to learn to mix with people from all levels of society. A person born on August 29, 1958 is an example of someone with two 9s in his chart.

99 2
88 1

(August 29th, 1958)

Three 9s
People with three 9s in their loshu grid are idealistic, caring, and intelligent. They are inclined to exaggerate and “make mountains out of molehills.” They learn to handle this better as they mature. When they are making good use of their mental capabilities, they are happy and positive. However, they quickly become frustrated and despondent when they feel that they are caught in a rut. A person born on May 9th, 1969 is an example of someone with three 9s in his chart.

1 6

(May 9th, 1969)

Four 9s
People with four nine in their loshu grid are highly intelligent, but find it hard to live in the everyday world. They frequently retreat into a world of their own imagination. If they can learn to harness the enormous amount of power and energy at their disposal they can become a real force for good in the world. Someone born in August 19th, 1999 is an example with Four 9s in his chart.

8 11

(August 19th, 1999)

Five 9s

Five 9s are exceptionally rare. The last time five nines will appear will be September 29, 1999. It will not occur again after that until September 9, 2999.

99999 2

(September 29th, 1999) the last time in this millennium five 9s appear in a chart

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