Association of Scientific Vastu ™   Experts

An initiative by Design Gurukul
Regd.Trust with Govt. of NCT of Delhi

We all know,happiness is awayman should lead his life that blesses him with the best of health and wellbeing.A high degree of importance is laid upon the Science of Orientation of the building and placement of the rooms that enables the edifice to receive correct thermal and visual comforts. Availability of sufficient solar reserves inside the body support the smooth running of body functions and right engineering of the cosmic forces i.e. water ,fire,earth,space and air bless an individual with a sound thought frequency to work in the right direction for success and prosperity.

Butnow-a-days it is being observed that Vastu is used and potrayed as a larger-than-life subject that could heal impairments with object placements and materialistic treatments.This kind of portrayal mystifies the character of the subject. Therefore we have formed an association that promotes healthy , truthful Vastu practices those reveal central dogma of this ancient Vedic Science from the depths of our Shastras.The term Scientific Vastu ™   has been coined by Dr.R.M.Mehra (Ph.D. DSc) and Prof.Dr.B.B.Puri (Ph.D. DSc).

Till date innumerable professionals have passed out of Design Gurukul.The proficiency with which these professionals identify , caliberate and realignthemalfunction, speak volumes about the power of this ancient knowledge refined time and again with architectural researches. Research and Scientific instruments are the fundamental pillars that add strength to the overall portrayal of the subject.It is the sincere interest of Association, that knowledge be disseminated in a dignified and correct mode.With these well established objectives, Association has been formed.

Association of Scientific Vastu ™   Experts:

Association of Scientific Vastu ™   experts is aninitiative towardsproviding much needed skilled professionals to the Vastu industry.

Objective of the Association:

  • To unite the Scientific Vastu ™   Experts on a single platform
  • To establish formal connection with Government departments so as to spread awareness regarding the role this Science inconserving energy.
  • Standardization of the professional practices prevailing in the industry.
  • Standardization of education and experience.
  • Monitoring the ethical and moral standards of the practices.
  • Promote Scientific Vastu ™   amongst Common people.

“Association of Scientific Vastu ™   experts”upgrade the skills of the member consultants by continuously sharing the new and upcoming researches .As a responsible body we will equip our consultants with new and upcoming remedies .
Need for Association :

  • With changing times the need of mankind for real-estate also manifests itself.Land is a non-producible asset.So the living and commercial spaces have changed the dimensions overtime. As true professionals Scientific Vastu ™   Experts need to identify,understand these modulations and update the compatibilities of a particular remedy.
  • Discussions on different case studiesexpand the professional thought horizon in various dimensions reflects in their on-site working. Problem solving sessions organized from time to time will inculcate a methodological way to revive a disturbed edifice.
  • Apart from education, Association also ensures that our professionals get the needed individual mentorship from the professionalswhere they undergo a skill mapping process and monitoring of the skills on timeline basis.
  • Association understands that every consultant is an entrepreneur. To mitigate the obstacles faced in other operational areas like communication, accounting or marketing , separate sessions are conducted to improvise these much needed backend functions.
  • Sessions by different experts in the Core and related fields will help them get insights into interconnected areas.
  • Professional networking will bestow them with an all-inclusiveapproach to work in a cordial way that will in turn raise the bar of on-site conduct.
  • Association will play the role of a guiding body that will interpret the Global view of this industry through words, visuals and dictations in the professional discourses.This will instill a pro-active approach in them so they could suggest their clients in a better informed way.

Management Committee :

Prof.Dr.B.B.Puri (Ph.D. , D.Sc.)
Dr.R.M.Mehra (Ph.D , D.Sc.)
Mrs Purnima Girhotra

Our Members

Sr.No. Name Profile Location
1 Neeraj Dwivedi Consultant Subhash Nagar
2 Sakshi Aggarwal Expert Tri Nagar
3 Manoj Bansal Consultant Pitampura
4 Yogesh Mittal Consultant Patel Nagar
5 Bina Jain Consultant Green Park
6 Charu thukral Consultant Greater Noida
7 Roop narain ratawal Consultant Paschim Vihar
8 Dr.vipin sharma Consultant Gopalpur
9 Dr.poonam gupta Consultant Rohini
10 Shweta mittal Consultant Rohini
11 Rowmilla Consultant Kirti Nagar
12 Meghali mahajan Consultant Mahendru Enclave
13 Nishu jain Consultant R.P.Bagh
14 Dr Gaurav Malik Consultant Greater Noida
15 Geetanjali Guliani Expert Adarsh Nagar
16 Adarsh Nagar Consultant Rohini
17 Poonam Seth Consultant Paschim Vihar
18 Richa Tiwari Consultant West Punjabi Bagh
19 Riya Jain Consultant Laxmi Nagar
20 Manoj Dahiya Consultant Sita Puri
21 Sangeeta Sareen Consultant Sonipat
22 Kriti Kapila Shrivastava Consultant Gurgaon