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Why to be Scientific Vastu expert?

Scientific vastu is a very promising profession. When we construct our house, we do a huge investment on it. Everyone wants beautiful building. People want a building in their budget but the second thought that occurs in everyone minds is related to a quality of life and maximum utilizing of resources? There is always a question mark on “is it the best creation”. Are there some more potentials to be explored? Will this building give us a better life? [...]

Article on Colours

“Colour is a chromatic aspect of an object that makes it look different depending on the spectral position of light reaching the eye’s retina” Like the air that we breathe, colour is all around us, filling our lives with its powerful energy and affecting our moods and emotions in ways that we often don’t even realize. Also like the air that we breathe, we don’t actually take time to think about the role that it plays in our everyday lives, [...]

Article on Sick Building Syndrome

YOUR BUILDING CAN MAKE YOU SICK A human body is a living organism or structure, embodied with energies in and around, with self maintained systems (physiology) running by themselves to maintain the organism. Similarly a building is also an enclosed vibrating structure with embodied energies in and around with partially self created systems & process primarily supported by forces of nature. Every structure is an enclosed space or embodied spatial form surcharged with energies within. A building is like a human [...]

Articles on Dynamic Numerology

The study of numerology is as old as history. Various systems of this study have evolved in different countries from times immemorial. Even though the study has a long history, it is still a matter of prolonged and bitter controversy whether it has any scientific basis. In this course, we propose to give some facts and explanations which prove that numerology is a natural science based on experience. Discredit: The bur attached to numerology It is necessary for every student of [...]

Ideal Home

HOME The word HOME has different meanings for different people. For a lot of people, a home might; just be a building where people live, while for others, it is a place of love, sacrifices, commitments, joys and relationships. People have defined ‘HOME’, as. ..a space that connects to the people living in it, makes them comfortable, gives warmth, freedom and privacy. .. a place more than a physical dwelling. It is a place where people live, spend time and are generally comfortable [...]

Healthy Offices

A healthy office should ensure some basic characteristics. Some of them are given below: A healthy location is the best key to a healthy office. The latitude, longitudeand altitude on which the building resides helps in creating healthy environment. The external physical placements and neighboring locations should be healthy. The building should be full of sunlight at desired timings. A healthy office should have a perfect balance between internal and external environment. It should not suffer from environmental aggression. A healthy office should ensure a [...]

Vastu for Marketing Departments

The marketing department is one of the revenue generating departments of any office. The marketing department undertakes planning of marketing territories, coordinating with sales force, retaining clients, planning an execution of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion& Place) of marketing. The marketing personnel are generally smart and active. They spend relatively less time in the office and leave their seats often during the day to complete their respective tasks. This can stain the back muscle. Therefore, the room should [...]

101 Important Points as per Vastu

Choose a east, north or northeast facing plot & building. Main gate & main door should be perfectly placed. Always Prefer perfectly aligned cases- otherwise atleast align the building. Prefer building or a plot in a sector which is aligned. Prefer road in North or East. Prefer all four sides of the building to be open. Brahamsthan should be open to sky. Prefer four, three or two side open buildings only, in case of one side open building, the brahamsthan should be open to sky is [...]


A living room is a family lounge or a family’s informal sitting area where the members of the family sit together, enjoy, gossip and watch television. It is a place full of liveliness, warmth, concern and feeling of family being together. A living room makes the family feel tied up with rope of love, warmth and concern. It is totally an informally designed area. The definition of living room changes with geographical locations. There are lot of countries where [...]

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration is not just about the looks of the building but also about functionality, utility and use of materials in a building. Interior design is much more important than it may seem at a first glance and can be easily compared with the importance of architecture, at least when it comes to interior. Interior Design is a very promising career. Interior Designers are always in demand. The Interior Designing profession is also linked with a status symbol. The main reason [...]