Classes at Greater Kailash, Delhi

Prof.Dr.B.B.Puri (Ph.D. , D.Sc.) is a Senior Architect ,Veteran Scientific Vastu Expert , Research Scholar ,Author,Lecturer . He has covered a lot of distance when it comes to contributing to building science education.

Under his aegis Dr.R.M.Mehra (Ph.D. , D.Sc. ) has started Design Gurukul and established this as a pioneer institute imparting certificate technical trainings in Building Sciences like Scientific vastu , Colour Design and some predictive sciences also like Numerology. Students and professionals hailing from various backgrounds have been benefitted by the outcomes of these trainings .They are able to change their lives and make other people’s lives also better by building better structures.

A Scientific Vastu professional with his knowledge of directions and its impact on human health can render a lot of psychological and physiological relief to the beneficiary . A Distance education course curriculum is also available to help those want to learn but are not able to because of time crunches.

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