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Classes at Pitampura, Delhi

Mrs.Purnima Girhotra is an established Astrologer, Scientific Vastu Expert ,Numerology intellectual , Colour design consultant and an expert trainer.. Over the years She has covered a lot of distance when it comes to contributing to predictive & building science education.

She has taken her mentorship from Dr.R.M.Mehra (Ph.D , D.Sc) .Later she started Sidhhant Institute of Vedic Sciences ,a franchisee center of Design Gurukul . Within a span of two years , it has established itself as remarkable institute imparting certificate technical trainings in Building Sciences like Scientific vastu , Colour Design alongwith some predictive sciences such as Numerology.

A Scientific Vastu professional with his knowledge of directions and its impact on human health can render a lot of psychological and physiological relief to the beneficiary . A Distance education course curriculum is also available to help those want to learn but are not able to because of time crunches.

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