Healthy Offices

Healthy Offices

A healthy office should ensure some basic characteristics. Some of them are given below:

  • A healthy location is the best key to a healthy office. The latitude, longitudeand altitude on which the building resides helps in creating healthy environment.
  • The external physical placements and neighboring locations should be healthy.
  • The building should be full of sunlight at desired timings.
  • A healthy office should have a perfect balance between internal and external environment.
  • It should not suffer from environmental aggression.
  • A healthy office should ensure a complete circulation of air, bio matter, energy and water.
  • It should ensure a Cosmo-telluric channel.
  • The indoor air of the office should be free of all organic contaminations like mold, germs and bacteria etc and inorganic contaminations like radon, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide beyond the maximum limits as per the authority.
  • It encourages an inflow of fresh air and the air exchange rate is as per the recommendations of the local authority.
  • The temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and velocity should suit the human demands.
  • It should be located in a green belt with trees all around.
  • The furniture inside the building should be placed in such a manner that it is free from EMF periphery and GMF impact.
  • The construction material used in the building should not create MCS (Multiple chemical sensitivity).
  • The building should have an adequate orientation and opening considering the movement of sun.
  • It should be located away from road with heavy traffic, railways and airport otherwise acoustic treatment is done in walls.
  • Healthy furniture that supports all body parts is used in a healthy office. The material, shape, angle and looks should also ensure the basic health guidelines.
  • A healthy office should ensure a perfect internal setup which can further enhance and ensure the natural benedictions.
  • The internal bioclimateshould also suit the employees.
  • A healthy office should have the best harmonization in usage of colour, texture, shape, decorative items, and paintings.
  • A healthy office should be designed on a positive theme or concept like Health, Nature and Mental relaxation etc. It has been designed considering the needs, desires and aspirations of employees.
  • Safety measures should be adhered as per the bylaws of the government

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