Prof Dr.B.B Puri Ph.D-Chairman

Prof. Dr. B. B. Puri, Senior Practicing Architect, Research Scholar, Author & Vastu Advisor is associated with numerous professional organizations.
Prof. Puri has given a new research dimension and scientific approach to Vedic Culture in the modem context.
As one of the few experts, he uniquely combines the practice of architecture with Vastu principles.
A Professor at the Zoroastrian College, Dept. for Occult Sciences, Prof. Dr. Puri is a visiting Professor at CPWD Training Institute, Govt, of India - ALTTC (Gov. of India) and at the Tribhuvan University, Katmandu (Nepal) etc.

His creative ability has earned him many commendations from Dr. Zakir Hussain, Shri V.V.Giri, Shri Giani Zail Singh, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Shri. K.R.Narayanan, all former Presidents of India. He was also honored with a shield and testimonial by Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Prof. Dr. Puri has been honored with the Bharat Gaurav Award (1996), Bhaskar Award (1997), Business Initiative Development Award, (1998), Gem Of India Award (1998), National Excellency Award (1999), Health Excellence Award (2000) and The International Academician fellowship Award (2002).

A biographical note on Prof. Puri was featured in India's Who's Who (1978) and Prominent Personalities of India (1979). Prof Dr. Puri has been honored for his lifetime achievement with the . Millennium Award and a gold medal at the Millennium World Congress 2000. Prof. Puri has written more than 100 books. His popular books entitled Vedic Architecture & Art Of Living & Applied Vastu Shastra in Modern Architecture have been released by the Hon'ble President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan. His latest books include Vastu Science For 21st Century, Ageless Minds, Mass Scale Housing for Hot Climate and Enjoy the Gift of Nature has been well received.

Prof Puri is the President of Grover & Puri a firm of Chartered Architects (estd. 1960), founder of Vastu Kala Academy (College of Architecture) and director of World Academy of Spiritual Sciences. :

  • Prof. Dr. Puri is the Chairman of Research Institute of Vedic Culture (Regd. Trust) , Vastu Research Centre and The Institute of Vastu Science (India) (National Council of Vastu Consultants)
  • Prof Puri is Member of Council of Architects, Indian Buildings Congress, India Habitat Centre, India International Centre and International Council of Consultants etc.
Prof Puri contribution to the industry as an architect is immense. He has spent more than 50 years of his life in reviving Vedic Architecture & Vastu Science all over the world. He has spread the secrets of vastu science in more than 10 countries.
He has written more than 100 books and all of them have been well received.

DR. R. M. MEHRA Ph.D. & D.Sc. - Founder Director

Dr. R. M. Mehra is an Interior Designer, Scientific Vastu ™   Expert, Sick Building Expert, Colour Consultant, Research Scholar and an Author. He is one of the few Research Scholars PhD & D.Sc in the field of Interior Design & Scientific Vastu ™  . He has done his research on "Mental comfort through healthy furniture and healthy environment" and "Creating Healthy Home through vasteriology ™   & Interior Psychology". He is the Director of Building Doctors & Design Gurukul (A pioneer institution for professional specializations in Design) and Research Director of Research Institute of Vedic Culture (NGO Trust) an organization dedicated to revival of Vedic wisdom. He is a member of the Institute of Indian Interior designers. He is both an Educationalist and a Consultant. He has trained thousands of students and professionals all across the world.

He has trained lots of Interior designers, Architects and Vastu consultants. Dr. Mehra is one of the very few technically trained consultants in the industry. He has been trained by world famous architect and Vastu expert from north India Prof Dr.B.B.Puri and world famous architect and Vastu expert from south Padamshree Dr.V.Ganapathi Sthapati. He has also studied Vastu from a Sanskrit university. He has further done his PhD & DSc. in Scientific Vastu ™   & Interior Design

Dr. Mehra 2nd from left receiving DSc Degree

He is one of the few experts who practice Sick Building Syndrome and Scientific Vastu ™   with instruments. He uses one of the unique instruments for scientific consultation like sound level Meter, Lux Meter, aura scanner, anemometer, Thermal imaging, Lecher Antenna, Magnetic Compass and EMF Radiations tester meter etc. Some of his prominent clients include M/s Birla group of Companies, M/s Reliance group of Companies, M/s Real Tech Builders, M/s Uppals Group, M/s Design Forum of Architects, M/s Sumitomitsui Constructions and M/s Lakhani group of Companies etc.
His specialization lies in rectification of sick buildings. He is a man blessed with ability to cure buildings. He has flair for scientifically balanced spaces in relation to the psychological and anatomical standards of the occupants using the space. He understands the secrets of balancing the four spaces: celestial space, terrestrial space, inner space and built space.

Dr. Mehra has done his post doctoral research in Interior Psychology. He is among the very few colour consultants who practices and teaches the amazing secret world of Colours. He has introduced colours as a professional specialization. He is among the very few professional colour consultants who has used multi-functional aspects of colours in interiors, healing, meditation and Vastu science and is doing extensive research on chromatics. As an Interior Designer his special interest lies in working with colour psychology, Interior Psychology, and designing Kids rooms.

Dr. Mehra has differentiated Architectural Vastu from Astro Vastu. He has made the building fraternity realize that Architectural Vastu science is a core subject of building sciences. Dr. Mehra has introduced a new specialization field Scientific Vastu ™   & vasteriology ™   (Science of Vastu, Interiors & Psychology). It is a micro branch of Vastu, concentrating on elementary aspects of Vastu & Interiors through the perspective of human psychology. It focuses on creating a Healthy internal environment and provides healing to the buildings through colours, plants, music's, aromas, wall elevations, themes, furniture, design concepts, crystals and paintings etc. Science of vasteriology ™   has been copy-writed by Dr.R.M.Mehra.

Dr. Mehra has presented various technical papers and has received numerous awards of appreciation. He has been honoured with Gold Medal & citation at the Millennium World Congress in 2005. He has been given the Special Award of Honour and Speakers Special Award by the Zoroastrian College in 2006. He has also been awarded "First Healthy Home Consultant Award" by the XX National Medicos Congress Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

He has been honoured with an Award of Excellence in Research & Professional Services by the Minister of Culture & Tourism, Smt. Ambika Soni. in 2009 Recently he has been honored by Award of Excellence for Research and Outstanding services as a Guide by RIVC, Speakers Special Award & Silver Jublilee Award from Zoroastrian College. He has also received Brilliant Achievers Awad. He has recently awarded with Gyan Jyoti Award.

Receiving Award from Minister of Culture & Tourism, Smt. Ambika Soni



Born in a simple and spiritual family, she was a brilliant student and topper in school and college. After completion of her graduation in computers/management subjects, she spent 15years in the family business and thereafter, started deep study of ancient/occult sciences like Vastu/ Feng Shui, Numerology, Astrology and Reiki. After doing Advance Program in Vastu (vasteriology ™  ) from Design Gurukul & Building Doctors, she got attached with Research Institute of Vedic Sciences as a fellow research student. She also studied Astrology from All India Federation of Astrological Societies (Regd.), having degrees in Reiki and done Advance Tarot Card Course from the Institute of Mystique Sciences. She worked with the Institute of Vastu and Joyful Living as a Vice Principal, engaged in teaching and consultancy on Vastu/ Feng Shui and Numerology for seven years. She masters all types of numerology- Vedic, Chinese and Keiro system too. Numerology is her sole passion in life. Scientific and logical explanation is the core strength of her teaching / consultation. Having trained lots of Interior designers, Architects and Vastu/Numero Consultants, she has also attended many Seminars in India and abroad. She has been recently awarded by "Devegya Shiromani" by All India Federation of Astrological Societies, for her contribution in the field of Alternate Sciences.


Mrs.Niishu Jain has done Professional Diploma in Scientific Vastu ™   from Design Gurukul under Dr.R.M. Mehra. She is been practicing Scientific Vastu ™   from last 8 years.
She has also mastered Astrology and Numerology under able guidance of Mrs.PurnimaGirhotra.
She was attracted towards occultism at a very tender age and developed intuition powers at an early age of 6.Her love and interest for occult science was evident and gradually grows with age.

Mrs Jain has been practicing Scientific Vastu ™   with scientific instruments.
She is also a Reiki master with 7 years experience.
She has a client base from a number of cities in India and Abroad.Her expertise lies in detecting Ill health and imbalance of energies in Environmental and Geobiological areas.