Ex Students Testimonials

Amazing, wonderful & a world class teacher. Good to be associated with him. Everything is so upto mark & syllabus was so exhaustive.

Geetanjali Guliani Interior Design Faculty in Ext Int Ltd & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Sir grabs ur attention, holding all the students’ attention throughout the class which is so rare. Truly blessed to be Sir’s student. Feel so knowledgeable and ethical and confident about the subject. Very satisfied. Feel enlightened and knowledgeable.

Niharika Aggarwal Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

He is a wonderful mentor. It was a wonderful experience studying in this institute. I am very lucky to have a mentor like Mehra Sir.

Nidhi Jain House Wife & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

It was a nice experience here, I have been learnt so many things about the colours. It was very nice colour workshop.

Harsh Tyagi Interior Designer & Photographer

It was too good. It has increased the interest in colour a lot. It is a very good experience.

Shreya Goel Interior Designer

It was a very fun & informative session.

Nidhi Sharma Interior Designer

Yet another excellent and knowledgeable experience.
Excellent……………………….loved it……………..!

Chhavi Mehta Interior Design Faculty in APJ University

Dr. R. M. Mehra Sir’s approach to teaching is to ensure that the students learn something and make practical use of it in the course which boost our interest in learning. In really liked the subject and enjoyed the course.

Nikita Agarwal Interior Designer

Dr. R. M. Mehra is very clear in his subject & having very good knowledge. Thanks to Sir for given his support & knowledge. Design Gurukul & Building Doctors give me right path so I am happy.

Hemant Jain Astrologer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

I had a great experience, lot of things learnt, gained knowledge & would like to be in touch with institute.

Riya Jain Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Best Scientific Vastu ™   Course in all over the world I love this institute. I have great experience in colour classes. Teaching style and content is very good and like to learn more in this institute.

Ashutosh Sharma Astrologer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Training was too good, related to all the practical knowledge and study.

Lakshya Kakkar Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Wonderful program, lectures best delivered in a light way could grasp easily.

Jas Simran Chugh Interior Designer

It was fun learning Scientific Vastu ™  , enjoyed the course.

Rubina Khurana Inetrior Designer

Its been a great learning experience and so much have been shared during the training. This place has become like a family. Our trainer is EXCELLENT.
Its been wonderful experience. Full of knowledge and positivity. Design Gurukul has great team. All are very positive.

Anuradha Interior Designer

Training was very useful & productive. I will use this knowledge in my profession.

Shilpi Saraf Interior Design Faculty in JIMS & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

I have good experience, got very knowledge full experience. This training will help me in my career.

Mayank Purwar Architect & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert.

A very well taught and in a very simplified, interesting manner. Just a great experience.

Lalit Bhutani Businessman

It was really good & has created my interest for further study.

Deepanshu Setia Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

I am very impressed with the format of classes.

Saroj Mago Interior Designer & Teacher

It was an eye opener.

Abhinav Garg Architect & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Institute is very good, knowledge, content & studies.

Rupesh Bedi Interior Designer

Training was best mentored by Dr. R. M. Mehra.

Nehal Thukral Interior Designer

Nothing is particular but overall it was a very informative, educative, relaxing, knowledgeable & professional training.

Sanjay Sethi Numerologist

It was really good. The classes were interesting and there was a good interaction between everyone.

Akshita Gupta Interior Designer

Very good and to the point and mostly scientifically proven.

Mandeep Manchanda Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Getting more knowledge about Scientific Vastu ™  . Very interesting.

Vijay Patil Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

He is very confident & teaches & explains things very nicely. Enjoyed and learnt a lot. Had a great time and learnt a lot looking forward for the 3rd level.

Neha Sharma Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Very Impressive. Excellent work.

Darshita Kumar Interior Designer, Colour Expert & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Scientific Vastu ™   has become my passion and this happened because of a teacher like Dr. Mehra.

Priyanka Sachdeva Architect & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

It is great to be with him and learning about more about Scientific Vastu ™  . I found himself at my college and really wanna more about and indulge in this subject.

Parul Jain Freelance Interior Designer

Very Good, Interactive, Full reasoning has been given to every problem.

Seemu Midha Architect & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Rahul Sir is very clear about the content and very thorough with Scientific Vastu ™   principles. Highly motivating and keeps class very interactive.

Amit Jain Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

He is very good teacher. His teaching is based on practical things not just on theory.
The teaching criteria of sir is very good. I am highly satisfied.

Kratee Dhingra Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

He is very different in teaching, very clear, very confident. It was an amazing experience.

Priyanshi Arora Interior Design Faculty

Very Good. I am lucky.

Kirti Gupta Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Dr. R. M. Mehra’s teaching is commendable. The way he teaches his subject is amazing. The person gets to know different aspects of colours. I am in love wirh colours now.

Sunakshi Taneja Interior Designer & Colour Expert

He has a very special way of teaching, where you enjoy the class and learn everything by heart in the class itself. Understanding and thorough knowledge is given by him. I enjoyed the colour program the most. Very interesting subject.

Monika Dua Scientific Vastu ™   & Reiki Expert

Mr. Mehra has a very very clear knowledge of his subject and his way of teaching is so nice that the students grasp it in the class itself.
The institute and its atmosphere is quiet, relaxing and friendly.

Anju Goel House Wife

I think he is a great teacher who transfers his enthusiasm for the subject to the class and make everything so interesting and clear that one does not need to go home and revise.

Neha Aggarwal Interior Designer

Very friendly, easy and comfortable approach.

Jai C Sahani Jai C Sahani

As per above mention skills built up in Sir. Good communication & Energetic person having thorough knowledge of subject and way of expression or explanation is best excellent. Having good magnetism in him. Saluting his knowledge and way of teaching.

Dr. Mohan V Yadav Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Dr. Mehra is very expressive and confident teacher. He has a deep knowledge of his subject and gives us very logical reasoning.

Preeti Girhotra House Wife

I am really grateful to Sir, widened my horizon in all perspects, the way he teaches is uncomparable, course is best. I just loved the way he teaches and being good human being he includes these things as well as in us. “ Thankyou so much”, u r d best.

Jyotsna Interior design & Scientific Vastu ™   faculty

Problem Handling & Solving is very good.

Ajit Singh- Moga Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

A very nice, cheerful, professional person from whom one can learn a lot.

Naina Khera Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

The method of teaching is excellent with your teaching the subject seemed very interesting. Examples and way of explaining was excellent that made the subject.

Priyanka Kymar Professional Job

He is very practical man believe in Practical. I have learnt a lot about colours. I have experienced practically knowledge.

Deepshikha Sekri Interior Designer & Colour Expert

Dr. Mehra is doing an excellent job. He knows the way to build foundation of knowledge and then create a structure on it. Everything is up to the mark infact I would say it is too good.

Dr. Gaurav Malik Dentist & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

My experience about Dr. R. M. Mehra is like Guru Shishya relationship. Much more attractive, creative education knowledge given in real sense. I feel proud to be one of the student of Sir.

Arun Yadav Civil Engineer & Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

He is a wonderful teacher, who clears our concepts to the depth. He has a lot of knowledge and I will be glad if I could learn the maximum of what I can.

Sakshi Kumar Tarrot Card Reader

Open approach, clear thoughts, expertise in subject matter and delivering the same appropriately. Helping attitude and openers not to keep knowledge reserved with self. Great Experience learning with him and being associated to him.

Rajendra Kulkarni Guide & Trainer

I enjoyed the training.

Rinkoo gogia Event Manager & Colour Expert

Very satisfactory

Yogesh Chand Mittal Scientific Vastu ™   Expert

Good experience, imense clarity on some areas.

Surbhi Gupta Architect