Bedroom is a personal space full of relaxation, comfort and privacy. It is a place to enjoy sleep and personal time with a companion. It is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is because a person spends almost one third of the life in a bedroom and that too in a deep sleep stage where a person is in subconscious stage of mind and the impact of both positive and negative energies is high. Infact the exposure to such energies is for 6-8 hours continuously at the time when the body is at rest and the defensive system is not active and strong as it is when the person is awake. Bedroom is the only room where the body is exposed to all contaminations, viruses, vibrations, stresses and energies for continuous long durations without being aware of the attacks and the impact of such attacks. Therefore it is important to realize the importance of a bedroom.

It is important to plan and design the bedroom in best of the manner because a bedroom can solve one third of the problems. Every small detail of the bedroom should be well thought, well planned and then executed. The location, style, design, theme, music, aroma & colour would vary with ages, psychology and requirements of the occupants. Therefore it would be conditional and may vary from place to place.


Ideally a bedroom should have an environment full of relaxation and comfort. It should ensure deep blissful sleep. It should ensure a feel of personal space where the occupants can enjoy their privacy. It should not be forgotten that it is a place of love, romance, passion, lust and sex. Therefore it is essential to have a romantic touch in the internal environment of the bedroom. The internal environment of the bedroom should ensure mental comfort and relaxation to the user.


  • In general a bedroom can be placed in the southwest, south or west of the building because these directions ensure stability, strength, domination, comfort and relaxation to the occupants.
  • A single person who is spiritual or intellectual may reside in the northeast or east of the building.
  • A teenager who is very active and energetic should prefer east bedroom.
  • A young couple with a problem of short temper or ill temper must avoid southeast as it may worsen the situation.
  • A couple whose relationship is generally at unrest should prefer a bedroom in south or southwest. A bedroom in southwest would ensure stability to their relationship. The couple should avoid northwest, north and northeastern bedroom.
  • A person who is away and independent should also avoid North West and should reside in south west of the building.
  • Location of a bedroom may change with requirements, age and changing psychology with age.
  • Ideally head of the family (eldest couple) should keep their bedroom in southwest of the building.
  • Middle-aged couple (30yrs to50yrs) may reside in the south and west of the building.
  • Guests of any age group can accommodate in northwest or north.
  • Teenagers may reside in the north or east of the building.
  • Kids can have their kid’s room in northeast or east of the building.
  • Bedroom should be located in a silent part of the house, which is away from major street noises.

  • Wooden bed should be used for sleeping.
  • Box bed should not be used. If used, then only Lenin should be stored in it.
  • Bed should be preferably placed in the south or west of the room.

  • Head while sleeping should not be towards north.
  • The bed should not be placed below a hanging beam.
  • The bed should be diagonally opposite to the door.
  • The bed should not be placed over the earth’s energy points, geopathic aggression, environmental aggression or electromagnetic fields.

  • The television, computer or music system should be placed at least 5 feet to 6 feet away from the bed.
  • The furniture should be placed at a distance of 4” from the wall. A breathing space is essential to maintain.
  • The storage cabinet should be placed on the south, west or southwest wall.
  • Bed should be avoided below a loft.
  • Avoid full-length hinges in the middle of the bed. They act as an antenna to the spinal cord.
  • Too much of furniture should not be placed in the bedroom. The empty and filled space should be balanced.
  • Metal bed should be avoided. It consistently maintains the electro magnetic flux created through the electric objects.

  • A small chair or a puffy can be placed in north, east or northeast of the room.
  • Avoid steel, iron or plastic furniture. Prefer wooden furniture.

  • While sleeping the head should not be towards north, neurological problems can drop in.
  • Keeping head towards south, southwest or west would ensure a peaceful and a sound sleep. It also ensures stability to the occupants.
  • Keeping head towards east generates intellectually and wisdom. But it is most recommended for young people.
  • A patient having excessive bleeding should keep the head towards north for a few days (Maximum 14 days).
  • An asthmatic patient should keep the head towards northeast.
  • A person suffering from low blood pressure and heart problem should keep head towards south.
  • Pregnant ladies are recommended to keep head towards west.

  • During the lactation period, a lady should keep head towards east.

The sleeping postures relate strongly with human psychology. In order to understand the occupants, the subconscious postures during sleep directly indicate the conscious behaviour. It indicates the phenomena of the conscious mind. Some of the sleeping positions are:

Fetal position

In this posture, people sleep like a fetus (baby in the womb) that is folding hands and legs into the stomach. Such people are 41% in number and it is a popular position. Such people are shy, sensitive and present a tough exterior.

Log position

Log position is just 15% of all types of sleeping positions. In this posture people sleep keeping their body on one side and their legs outstretched. Such people are social, easy going and cool.

Yearner position

Yearned position is 13% of all types of position. In this posture people extend their hands outwards and sleep by their sides. Such people are generally suspicious by nature.

Solider position

In this posture people sleep flat with straight hands and legs. Such kinds of people are 8% in number. Generally such people are quite and have reserved personality but live with high standards in life. It is also seen that such people have snoring habits.

Freefall position

Freefall position is also a rare position. 7% of the total people sleep in this posture. When people sleep straight on their stomach and it seems as if the person has fallen on the ground. Such people have good digestion power. They portraya harsh exterior but actually have nervousness and sensitivity inside.

Starfish position

It is one of the rare postures found. Such people are hardly 5% of the total. In such a posture people sleep with legs wide stretched and hands folded back, thus forming a starfish. Such people are generally good listenersand makefriends easily. They avoid being the center of attention. Such people may also have snoring problem.

  • The colour of the ceiling should be white or off-white.
  • Choice of colour would depend upon the age, psychology, preferences, volume of room and light permitted in it.
  • The southwest bedroom can be painted in brown, chocolate, beige, cream or yellow.
  • The southern bedroom can be painted in rust, beige, maroon or orange in colour.
  • The western bedroom can be painted in olive green, pista green, cream, and white or off white.
  • The southeast and eastern bedroom can be painted in tints and shades of yellow, oranges or off whites.
  • The northwest and north bedroom can only be painted in tints and shades of blues and greens. If there are no openings in the north, blue should not be used, as it would make the room feel cooler.
  • Northeast bedroom can be painted in moove, purple or blue. It can also be painted in cream, yellow or off white.
  • Middle aged and elderly people should opt for lighter tones in colour.

  • Young people newlywed and kids can prefer vibrant colours.

  • Dimmers should be used to reduce the intensity of light.
  • Prefer dim and soothing light for the bedroom.
  • Ideally the shape of the bedroom should be rectangle or square. All the angles should be 90 degrees.
  • The wall opposite to the bed should be highlighted by colour, shape, texture or any other way.
  • There should not be too many entries in the bedroom.
  • A flat ceiling should be preferred above the bed.
  • While designing it should be taken into notice that least number of objects should be placed in the bedroom.
  • Bed room needs natural sun light around 150 lux. The glare should not fall on the bed.
  • Adequate ventilation level is required
  • Sound level should be less than 55 decibels.
  • The room should not suffer from electromagnetic congestion, geopathic stress and environmental aggression.
  • Height of the ceiling should be more than 8 feet.
  • Bedroom should have cross ventilation.
  • High ribbon windows provide light, privacy & cross-ventilation without causing a draft on bed.
  • In a married couples bedroom a picture of both husband and wife in happier times should be placed opposite to the bed.

  • In case of a bachelor, a picture highlighting love from family or friends, achievements or highlighting success stories should be placed opposite to the bed.

  • Personalized pictures or paintings highlighting positive values should be placed.
  • In general painting related to nature, flowers and living beings could also be placed.
  • Pessimistic people can place painting of rising sun or blooming flowers.
  • Soft instrumental music can be used
  • To improve romance soft and light romantic songs are very useful.

  • Lavender, jasmine & rose can be used to aromatize the internal environment of the bedroom. Room freshener, aroma candle or an essential oil lamp can be used to aromatize the air inside the bedroom. Generally aroma candles are preferred in bedrooms as they emit fragrancecontinuously and also look romantic and aesthetically appealing.
  • There should be night stand to hold lamp, telephone, call bell and medications etc. with a handicap person in a house.
  • There should be large u shaped handle on drawers for visually impaired people.
  • Keep furniture in the bedroom to a minimum since it is all a potential dust trap.
  • Choose furniture with clean, smooth lines and a minimum of detailing. This makes cleaning easier and more efficient.
  • Make sure that the door and drawers of furniture used for storing clothing and bedding close tightly otherwise dust will work its way inside and encourage mites.
  • Prefer furniture that can be easily moved, in order to allow easy cleaning and avoid the problem of stagnation.
  • Put anti-mite barrier cover on the mattress and pillows.
  • Do not use synthetic based fabric for bedding.
  • Avoid padded headboard, which is excellent dust trap.
  • Avoid elaborate rails or fabric hanging.
  • Choose a raised bed to make cleaning quickly an easy.
  • Cover the materials completely in a dust proof barrier cover.
  • Choose a slatted base for beds to encourage the free movement of air around the bed.
  • The bedding should be thoroughly dry to prevent mold growth.
  • Reduce clutter on walls to make cleaning more efficient.
  • Display ornaments on self behind glass doors.
  • Prefer clean and simple wall with out picture rails, dado rails or mouldings.
  • Select wipable paint that is easily maintable.
  • Install roller blind or shades, as they are comparatively better than curtains and Venetian blinds.
  • If curtains are used, cotton and muslin cloth can be preferred, and should be washed at 56 degree celcious or above.

  • Vertical Venetian blinds should be preferred in comparison to the horizontal venation blind.
  • Reduce humidity by living opens window open in the morning.
  • In case of pollen allergy the window should be shut in the morning and evening hours as the pollen count is highest at this time.
  • Prefer to use the solar passage, pull back the curtains on bright sunny days as solar energy charges the room and heat kills the mite.
  • Replace carpet with a hard surface flooring material.
  • Keep pets out of the room.
  • Wear a dust mask while cleaning if the occupant is an allergy suffers.