Vastu for Marketing Departments

Vastu for Marketing Departments

The marketing department is one of the revenue generating departments of any office. The marketing department undertakes planning of marketing territories, coordinating with sales force, retaining clients, planning an execution of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion& Place) of marketing. The marketing personnel are generally smart and active. They spend relatively less time in the office and leave their seats often during the day to complete their respective tasks. This can stain the back muscle. Therefore, the room should have enough space to move easily and return to the main work surface area. Many people can use the workstation. The working habits and personal body sizes are different from person to person. Therefore, personalized dimensions should be used to suit the personal needs.

The northwestern corner is the ideal location for the marketing department occupied by the air element. The marketing department should be designed on a positive concept like friendliness. Other concepts can also be chosen. Paintings of horses and other faithful pets can be used. The marketing department should have good looking and elite furniture. It should be an ideal combination of comfort and looks. The chair should have a five star base.

The chair should have a firm padding and various tilting and adjusting mechanisms. It should also ensure waterfall edging and anti shock mechanism. Wooden chairs should be used. Cotton can be used as fabric for apostery of chairs. White coloured furniture should be preferred. It strengthens the feeling of faith and purity.

Thewalls can have white colour on them. The soft instrumental music should be used to improve the efficiency and relieve from stress and pressure. Lemoncan be added as aroma to the airfor refreshing and uplifting environment. This aroma is also used in commercial environment to create work efficiency. The indoor air quality should be checked. It should be free from all air contaminations. An adequate light, temperature and sound efficiency band should be maintained.

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