Vastu for MD’s Cabin

MD manages the organization and is therefore the head. MD is responsible for planning and decision-making. MD coordinates with the outsiders and various departmental heads. They are generally dominating. Their work involves high autonomy and high interaction jobs. The MDs’ cabin should look good, aesthetically. There should be more sitting capacity in comparison to any other cabin. A good infrastructure should be provided in the MD’s cabin like LCD, fax and scanner etc. The MD’s cabin should be designed keeping the personal likings and preferences in mind.

The southwestern corner is an ideal placement for the MD’s cabin occupied by the earth element. Southwest direction adds stability and dominance to the attitude of MD. It should be taken into account that there should not be a cross section of energy lines below. It can be Hartman grid or curry lines. Such a cross section can prove to be harmful for the health. The area below the chair should be seriously diagonised. Secondly it should be taken into consideration that the chair should not be located in the EMF periphery. Preferably local and natural materials should be used in the room.

TA positive concept or theme like ‘domination’ can be chosen to work upon. Inspiring painting of the leaders can be used. Various mantras like OM and Gayatri Mantra can be played in the MD’s cabin for energy efficiency and concentration. Money plant and other palms can be placed in the northern or eastern direction. Rosewood or butter-cream colours can be used on walls. Element of nature should be created in the south-western corner of the cabin. Placing indoor plants or creating a corner with stone and clay can make the corner look nature friendly.

Bathroom in MD’s cabin should also be studied carefully. It should have a good inflow and outflow of fresh air. The growth of moisture should not be encouraged in the bathroom. There should not be any organic or inorganic contaminations in the air.It should be considered that MD’s cabin should not suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity.

The furniture should be very comfortable. Chair should be placed at a suitable distance away from equipments emitting electromagnetic frequencies. The chair should be fully adjustable task chair. It should ensure a complete body support. All ergonomic adjustment like tilt tension, tilt lock, pneumatic seat height, back height, seat angle, back angle, arm height, arm angle and circular movement etc. The chair should have a five star base fitted with castors. It should also ensure waterfall edging 3d wrap around, anti shock mechanism and gas lift mechanism. Rosewood chair can be used in MD’s cabin with butter-cream cotton fabric.

MD should occupy the southwestern corner of the cabin.It should be ensured that the MD should face east, northeast or north direction. Light brown and pale yellow colours can be used on walls. It strengthens intellectuality, wisdom and power. One wall should be highlighted, specially the prime-fasciae wall. Semi glossed water based paints should be used. Stone cladding or solid wooden partitioning should be done. The cornice can be given a colour to give a designer effect. There should be a flat ceiling above the head of the MD. Any drop or false ceiling above the head should be avoided. The false ceiling should have curved edges if any. MD’s cabin should not have a trap door. If there is any, it should be placed in the northeastern corner. The flooring pattern should be simple. It should look complete. There should not be any levels in the flooring. If thereare any, the drop should be from south to north or from the west to the east. The skirting in the southern and the western walls should be 5cm higher than the northern and the eastern wall. They should also be comparatively thicker. The wall should ideally have stone cladding to strengthen earth element. The indoor air quality should be seriously considered. The quality of air governs the thinking pattern.