Why to be Scientific Vastu expert?

Why to be Scientific Vastu expert?

Scientific vastu is a very promising profession. When we construct our house, we do a huge investment on it. Everyone wants beautiful building. People want a building in their budget but the second thought that occurs in everyone minds is related to a quality of life and maximum utilizing of resources? There is always a question mark on “is it the best creation”. Are there some more potentials to be explored? Will this building give us a better life? Is there a possibility of my house being the reason for ill health? Did we utilize best of nature energies? Does the building carry a positive internal environment? Many question like this raise in human mind while constructing a building? That’s why demand for sick building syndrome or healthy home increases. People just don’t need a house but they need a smart house which is connected with laws of nature, which is human centric. Desire to make a building better has given birth to need of SCIENTIFIC VASTU as a profession.

To be a scientific Vastu expert it is essential for students to go through a 2 year intensive learning. Although 1 year Diploma makes them capable to start their professional practice. Second year gives them a specialization in the field of Scientific Vastu. There are four specializations in field of Scientific Vastu.

Scientific Vastu is a skill development program. Student do researches, practicals and learn to diagnose building with scientific instruments. Scientific Vastu experts are able to create a positive environment in buildings.

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