Advance Diploma in Scientific Vastu

Advance Diploma in Scientific Vastu with Specialization


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Duration: 1 Day x 52 Weeks x 3 Hrs

Total Hours: On the Selection Basis

First time in the world

Fields of Specialization:

  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Astro &Numero Vastu
  • Vedic Architecture or Vasteriology
  • Geobiology

Scientific Vastu ™ is the science of Ancient Indian Architecture and Design. It is basically the study of occupants in context to building in relation to land, location and environment. It is aligning land and building with the laws of nature (micro climatic conditions). In modern words it is creating a sustainable habitat which is Green and Healthy too.

Scientific Vastu ™ is modern in nature and adapts well with 21 century. It brings the occupants in spiritual harmony with the building. It has no space for fear, superstition and blind believes. Scientific Vastu ™ is based on Vedic and modern – national and international guidelines. Scientific Vastu ™ makes use of one the best scientific instruments.

What you’ll learn

1.Advance Green Vastu

2. Construction fundamentals
3. Construction techniques

4. Building materials

5.Mystics of Trees And Plants

6.Guidelines of National And International Agencies Building & Health

7.Introduction to vastu science- Ancient Indian Architecture

8. Construction of a Shala (Vedic fundamentals)
9. Art Based, Design Concept as a remedy
10. Art of creating Sculpture

11. Shira

12. Grihapravesh & Advance Muhurtashastra
13. Secrets of Sthapatyaveda

14. Vedic text from Mayamata
15. Vedic text from Vishwakarmaprakash
16. Vedic text from Manasara

17. Important references from Samragamsutradhar & Brahitsamhita

18. Basics of Interior Design & Vastu

19. Computer aided drawing (making vastu drawings on computers)

20. Absolute space, time, om light, om sound and the formation of the Five Elements
21. Spiritual Dimensions to

  • Space
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Learning Relationships
  • Cleansing and Transcending Five Elements

22. Scientific Vastu & Environmental Eco system.

23. Reference to important researches by Research Scholars in Scientific Vastu

24. Business Communication
25. Business Entrepreneurship
26. Special focus on technicalities of consultation and training in Scientific Vastu