What could be the best definition of life? Some may say it is a state of existence. Scientifically it is correct interpretation but what is the deeper structure that lies beneath. Actually mental movements are never noticeable and are hard to detect. Thought network is to an individual, what engine is to a car. As an internal combustion engine converts fuel into motion, similarly thought network converts a thought into action. In nutshell our actions are nothing but a reflection of our thoughts. So managing our thoughts becomes our primary responsibility because whatever happens in our life is a consequence of thoughts.

Today crime, robbery, murder and rapes are rising every day. Mental Tensions, suicide cases, divorces and other problems are also increasing every day. Problems are surrounding us from both within the house and outside it. Any painful situation can erupt any time. If we want a better world inside and outside, we need to raise our voice and do something. The root cause of all such negativities is NEGATIVE THOUGHTS about self or others. Our society and humanity can only be saved if we work on Thought Management . Negative Thought or mental defilements are the only root cause of jealousy, greed, excessive sexual desire, irritation, frustration, depression and isolation etc. which further leads to bigger crimes or problems. If we want to give a peaceful, ethical and an educated society to the forthcoming generation, we need to do something. The society needs a revolution.

Everybody is tempted to think negatively, but with little effort we can avoid give in to that temptation. At ATMAMANTHAN we are striving hard to work on the individual consciousness of a person and raise the level of thinking. Many would think how? The answer is very simple – By thinking about what we are thinking. At ATMAMANTHAN, we work at the root level to change the thought pattern of an individual and thereby raise the existing consciousness level and direct it towards the zenith.

Let’s dig a little deeper .We have to choose to think and speak positively. In fact, it takes a lot of practice .Quite astonishing to know that many mature individuals fail while a toddler succeeds by failing to walk and still trying again without any worries. In fact they are a good source of inspiration for us to see them and learn. Just Imagine our brain is just like the same toddler and is trying to walk time and again in spite of the repeated failures to adopt a certain positive thought pattern, we have to practice positive thinking time and again till the time it becomes a default pattern.

Training the brain can be simplest task of the world .At the same time it can be the most tedious expeditions if handled in an incorrect manner. Brain is busiest of the organs in the human body, the endless chatter that goes on inside this thought machine is an illustration of its profuse energy. It’s up to us to direct the energies in the right direction and capitalize on them. Our endeavor is to take an individual on this less treaded path and awaken his consciousness and gradually raise the levels by guiding them through this journey by handling the thought detachment smartly with least amount of resistant. Therefore initiating the change in every individual in the youth will bring a bigger and better change in the society, which is our objective for betterment of mankind.


  • Positive Thinking
  • Compassion
  • Rejoice
  • Commitment to Happy & Peaceful Life
  • Promise to Self
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Satya Vrat
  • Noble Silence
  • Meditation & Visualization
  • Positive Environment & House
  • Goodness Diary

ATMAMANTHAN Training Sessions for Youth

An adults mind is a trained mind that has been conditioned to many influences and tendencies. So it takes a finely engineered approach to handle those conditionings and treat them with utmost care so as to enable him overcome the resistance for adoption of new thought habits. Level of complexities cannot be compared to the overall positive beneficial shift in the individuality. After this exercise he will be a reformed individual with renewed attitudes and preferences.
Atmamanthan is placing special efforts in conducting Special Training programs for Young people. The youth of the country has to be well guided. Atmamanthan conducts varies types and level of FREE programs for Young people to empower them mentally and physically.
One Month Self Analysis & Mind Training program in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi Center by Dr R.M.Mehra PhD & DSc. It cover various topics like Self Analysis, Importance of mind and thought, Thought rules to manifest, finding spark of self, realization of objective of life, how to handle relationships and carrier matters, how to make life happy, peaceful and contented through food of mind, positive affirmations, meditation session, noble silence, promise to self and other simple exercises.

Atmamanthan Training Session For Kids

A special program designed for children that instills a clarity in their thought process, enables them more focused in their concern areas . In this competitive world one needs well directed and meaningful thoughts to realize one’s potential and capitalize on them. Brain blooms the best in the formative years. So an opportunity to shape it in this duration should be taken with all seriousness and dedication by the guardians.Its an investment that will bear fruits in their career years.
Atmamanthan is organizing regular sessions for students of class 4, 5 & 6 in various schools. These sessions are primarily focused on attitude towards studies, importance of life, handling relationships, prioritizations in life, compassion, Carrier and how to do decision making etc.