Building Doctors is a Registered Trust under the Indian Trust Act, Government of NCT of Delhi formed by a group of research scholars dedicatedly working to create Nature & Vastu friendly Buildings. Vastu Interior Designing Training.Building Doctors are experts in diagnosing & curing Sick Buildings Syndromes. It works on revival of Vedic culture, tradition, and wisdom. It is helping people to live a Healthy Life in a HEALTHY BUILDING. Building Doctors has specialized in making Sick buildings HEALTHY through the norms of Vedic Vastu Science and Sick Building syndromes. Diagnosis and healing is done through latest instruments and treatment through both modern and vedic remedies.

It promotes Nature based Sick building Syndromes which are both HEALTHY & VASTU FRIENDLY. Building Doctors is one of the very few consultancy firms that provide TECHINAL CONSULTATION ON SCIENTIFIC VASTU ™ & Sick building Syndromes. It fundamentally works on making a building nature friendly, healthy, and Vastu friendly. Building Doctors is a member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Building Doctors is also one of the very few consultancy firms that provide COLOUR CONSULTANCY. It provides consultancy not only on aesthetics for building, body or products but also on therapeutically and spiritual aspects of colours. Dr. R.M.Mehra PhD & DSc is primarily the guiding inspiration behind Building Doctors.

Some of his prominent clients include M/s Birla group of Companies, M/s Reliance group of Companies, M/s Real Tech Builders, M/s Uppals Group, M/s Design Forum of Architects, M/s Sumitomitsui Constructions and M/s Lakhani group of Companies and many more.
His specialization lies in rectification of sick buildings which result in poor quality of life of residents. He is a man blessed with ability to cure buildings. He has flair for scientifically balanced spaces in relation to the psychological and anatomical standards of the occupants using the space. He understands the secrets of balancing the four spaces: celestial space, terrestrial space, inner space and built space.

Consultation Services by Building Doctors:


Scientific Vastu ™ Consultation

Vaastu is a science of balancing building with the laws of nature. A Vaastu friendly or nature friendly building is perfectly balanced with nature, subtle energies around and five elements.Read More »

Colour Consultation

Building Doctors specializes on giving colour consultation for architecture, interiors, landscaping, logos, products, garments, healing, colour meditation, and prominently.Read More »

Interior Design Consultation

Building Doctors specializes in designing offices and residences as per specific needs and requirements of clients. The team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals.Read More »

Healthy Home or Sick Building Consultation

Home and health have a deep and a strong relationship. If a building is healthy it would ensure good health but on the contrary if it is sick it will make the occupants SICK. The buildings, which are sick and can make the occupants…Read More »

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress means negative radiations from the land. It can result from natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean ..Read More »

Green & Climatic Vastu

Energy is the buzz word today .The world is largely dependent on the conventional sources, which are non-renewable and about to extinct. An immediate solution to this problem is usage of Natural resources…

Read More »


Scientific Vastu & Natural Buildings


Scientific Vastu & Smart Homes

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