Colour Consultation

“Colour is a chromatic aspect of an object that makes it look different depending on the spectral position of light reaching the eye’s retina”

Building Doctors is a pioneer in India in the field of Color Therapy ,Color Psychology & colour consultation .
Building Doctors specializes on giving colour consultation for architecture, interiors, landscaping, logos, products, garments, healing, colour meditation, and prominently for buildings. Selecting suitable colours for the building and their occupants is one the prominent specializations of Building Doctors. Building Doctors is using various instruments for selection of Value and Chroma for each hue.

Building Doctors is one of the very few organizations promoting the original scientific research on Color Psychology,Healing with Colors ,Color Therapy by Col. Dinshaw (researched almost hundred years ago).  The science of Spectrochromometry is the science of Attuned colours wavelengths and their impact on the human mind and body. This is the only proven scientific work on Color Therapy. The importance of Additive Colours through Spectrochromometry makes colour therapy special.

Building Doctors is one of the very few consultancy firms providing professional colour consultancy to its clients. It provides both consultation solutions as well as training solutions for the industry. It provides complete colour consultation on every aspect of colour including designing colour schemes, Colour Balance, Colour Intuition, Colour Notation, Psychological & Emotional effects of colour, Colour demands of body and building, Colour& Mind, Colour& Aura, Colour& Chakra, Colour in context to Scientific Vastu&Fengshui, Colour Therapy and various products with their applications is given to the client. During individual selection attention is also paid on lucky and unlucky colours, emotional, psychological, physiological aspect of the individual choosing colours.

Color Therapy


In a layman’s language paint is a thin dry film formed by a mixture that is applied to a surface for better aesthetics & protection.

Paints are liquid compositions of pigments & binders which when applied to the surface in thin coats dry to form a solid film to impart the surface a decorative finish, apart from giving protection to the base material (concrete, masonry, iron or wood) from weathering, corrosion and other chemical and biological attacks.

Apart from decorating the walls,colours have a subtle powerful impact on our psychology. So the usage of the colour demands immaculate accuracy and precision along with the knowledge of the psychology of the residents living inside the building or working in that particular office.

Color Psychology
Healing with Colors


  • Building Doctors help their client to choose best colours  for house, wearing or products that suit their mood, health, liking, direction, etc. it also take into consideration:
  • Colour schemes
  • Expatriation of colour notation
  • Colours with respect to Scientific Vastu
  • Colour preference according to personality
  • Additive colour
  • Healing colours as per spectrometry
  • Experts  vision for paints
  • Colour& branding


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