Prof. Dr. B. B. Puri, Senior Most Practicing Architect, Senior Most Vastu Expert and an Author is associated with numerous professional organizations. Prof. Puri has given a new research dimension and scientific approach to Vedic Culture in the modem context. He has 55  years of working experience and more than 100 books.
As one of the few experts, he uniquely combines the practice of architecture with Vastu principles.
A Professor at the Zoroastrian College, Dept. for Occult Sciences, Prof. Dr. Puri is a visiting Professor at CPWD Training Institute, Govt, of India – ALTTC (Gov. of India) and at the Tribhuvan University, Katmandu (Nepal) etc.

His creative ability has earned him many commendations from Dr. Zakir Hussain, Shri V.V.Giri, Shri Giani Zail Singh, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Shri. K.R.Narayanan, all former Presidents of India. He was also honored with a shield and testimonial by Smt. Indira Gandhi.
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Prof Dr. B.B. Puri Ph.D.
Founder Chairman

Dr. R.M.Mehra Ph.D. & D.Sc.
Founder Director

Dr. R. M. Mehra is an Interior Designer, Senior Scientific Vastu ™ Expert, Sick Building Expert, Colour Expert and an Author. Dr Mehra has been practicing and teaching professionals from two decades. He is one of the few PhD & D.Sc in the field of Interior Design & Scientific Vastu ™ . He is the Director of Building Doctors & Design Gurukul (A pioneer institution for professional specializations in Design) and Research Director of Research Institute of Vedic Culture (NGO Trust) an organization dedicated to revival of Vedic wisdom. He is a member of the Institute of Indian Interior designers. He is both an Educationalist and a Consultant. He has trained thousands of students and professionals all across the world. He has trained lots of Interior designers, Architects, astrologers and Vastu consultants. Dr. Mehra is one of the very few technically trained consultants in the industry.Read more

Born in a simple and spiritual family, she was a brilliant student and topper in school and college. After completion of her graduation in computers/management subjects, she spent 15 years in the family business and thereafter, started deep study of ancient/occult sciences like Vastu/ Feng Shui, Dynamic Numerology, Astrology and Reiki and with 15 years of experience in Scientific Vastu ™ Expert, Astrologer &  Dynamic Numerologist. After doing Advance Program in Vastu (vasteriology ™ ) from Design Gurukul & Building Doctors, she got attached with Research Institute of Vedic Sciences as a fellow research student. She also studied Astrology from All India Federation of Astrological Societies (Regd.), having degrees in Reiki and done Advance Tarot Card Course from the Institute of Mystique Sciences. She worked with the Institute of Vastu and Joyful Living as a Vice Principal, engaged in teaching and consultancy on Vastu/ Feng Shui and Dynamic Numerology for seven years. She masters all types of Dynamic Numerology- Vedic, Chinese and Keiro system too. Dynamic Numerology is her sole passion in life. Scientific and logical explanation is the core strength of her teaching / consultation. Having trained lots of Interior designers, Architects and Vastu/Numero Consultants, she has also attended many Seminars in India and abroad. She has been recently awarded by “Devegya Shiromani” by All India Federation of Astrological Societies, for her contribution in the field of Alternate Sciences.

Mrs. Purnima Girhotra
Scientific Vastu ™ Expert, Astrologer & Dynamic Numerologist
(Pintampura Center)

After graduating from College of Dentistry in the year 2007, Dr. Gaurav’s career started as an intern with a hospital. He has pursued Professional training in Healthy Homes and Scientific Vastu from Design Gurukul in the year 2009. Dr. Gaurav has an experience of total 9 years, out of which he has 6 years of experience in implementing clinical and underwriting applications and support for clients over US and Canada by utilizing unique blend of medical knowledge and IT skills. In the past, he has displayed excellent organizational and communication skills.
Strong belief in working for the community encouraged him towards becoming a lifetime member of Red Cross Society-Indian Chapter. He has also been involved in volunteer services for Darebin City Council, Melbourne and Rotary Club, South Delhi metropolitan, New Delhi. Dr. Gaurav Malik has special interest in Healthy Home and has been working on Home and Health since 2009.

Dr. Gaurav Malik
Dental Surgeon, Healthy Home Consultant, Scientific Vastu™ Expert

Mrs. Neha Rahul Mehra
Dynamic Numerologist

Mrs. Neha Rahul Mehra is a professional Dynamic numerologist. She has been practicing Dynamic Numerology for last 10 years. She has learnt Dynamic Numerology from the famous Dynamic numerologist and mathematician from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).  She has had in neurable clients.
Dr. Rabindranath. She masters all types of Dynamic Numerology- Vedic, Chinese and Pythagoras system too. Dynamic Numerology is her sole passion in life.

Ashutosh Sharma is a practicing Colour expert, Astrologer and Vastu expert. He comes from a family of astrologers. His father and grandfather were learned and known astrologers. He is carrying the zenes of knowledge and spreading them all over. Mr. Sharma has done 1 year Diploma in Scientific Vastu from Design Gurukul. He has learnt Colours, Dynamic Numerology and Instrument training from Design Gurukul under guidance of Dr R.M.Mehra. He attained 2 years Post graduate degree in Vastu Shastra from Shri lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit University. He has done Jyotish Alankar Jyotish Acharya Course, Purohitya Alankar, Sanskrit Kovid, M.A. in Jyotish, M.A. in Vedic Karmkand, M.A. in Vaidik Sahitya, Advance Reiki Healing, Mind Magic- Mid Brain Activation Programme. He received Special Award Honour of Jyotish Shiromani by Jyotish Guru Magazine, Certificate of Appreciation for Best Vastu Research and Practical Projects. He is a Certified Scientific Vastu Expert. His articles were published in Gurukul Kangri University Magazine Named “Gurukul Patrika” , Magazine Named “ Journal of Astrology “ , Paksheeya Bulletin named “Mercantile Bulletin (D.H.M.A) . He has done Research on Vastu Shanti Procedure, research on Colours of Moon, Research on Vaidik Mythological Deities and Impact in Vastu. He has 15 years Working Experience in Field of Vaidik Astrology Vastu. He has 8 years of experience as a faculty in Astrology and Vastu.

Mr. Ashutosh Sharma
Colour Expert, Scientific Vastu ™ Expert & Astrologer

Ms. Sakshi Aggarwal
Interior Designer, Scientific Vastu Expert, Dynamic Numerologist

Sakshi Aggarwal is an Interior designer, Scientific Vastu ™ expert, colour consultant, fine artist, Dynamic numerologist and 3D designer by profession. She is quiet adapt in planning and executing the aesthetics of an edifice. A sound knowledge of softwares like AutoCAD,Revit, 3dsmax, Sketch up connote the accuracy and precision that reflects in her interior design projects.
Qualification in fine arts adds to her creative abilities .This displays as a manifestation in her renditions. She has done one year diploma in Scientific Vastu ™ from design Gurukul, B. Sc. Id. from INIFD, B.Ed. from MDU, super professional diploma in fine arts from DCA and B.Com from Delhi University. She have 8 years of experience in Interior Designer, Scientific Vastu Expert, &  Dynamic Numerologist.

She has won the certificate & scholarship in intra-collegiate architecture & design from trendsideator (Times of India). Her designing always focuses on space utility. These professional attributes of her ensure a judicious utilization of the funds and delivering value for money projects.

Mrs. Nishu Jain has done Professional Diploma in Scientific Vastu ™ from Design Gurukul under Dr.R.M. Mehra. She is been practicing Scientific Vastu ™ from last 10 years. and She have 10 Years of experience in Scientific Vastu ™ Expert,Astrologer and Dynamic Numerologist.
She has also mastered Astrology and Dynamic Numerology under able guidance of Mrs.PurnimaGirhotra.
She was attracted towards occultism at a very tender age and developed intuition powers at an early age of 6.Her love and interest for occult science was evident and gradually grows with age.

Mrs Jain has been practicing Scientific Vastu ™ with scientific instruments.She is also a Reiki master with 7 years experience. She has a client base from a number of cities in India and Abroad.Her expertise lies in detecting Ill health and imbalance of energies in Environmental and Geobiological areas.

Mrs. Nishu Jain
Scientific Vastu ™ Expert,Astrologer, Dynamic Numerologist, Reiki Master

Mrs. Geetanjali Guliani
Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu ™ Expert

Geetanjali Guliani is a professional with a good creating ability in Interiors, Space Planning and Scientific Vastu ™ and having an experience over fourteen years in the industry. She has done diploma in Scientific Vastu from Design Gurukul.

She is presently working as a faculty in a reputed Interior Designing Institute, Teaching Interior Designing and Scientific Vastu ™ . Plus she is working as a freelancer in the field of interior designing, landscaping and Scientific Vastu ™ consultant.