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Colour in interior

Building Doctors specializes in designing offices and residences as per specific needs and requirements of clients Colour in interior. The team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals, gives each project it’s undivided and due attention. We at Building Doctors work to give shape and form to each project, devoting our personal and firm’s resources to ensure a perfect job within minimum time and finances. We ensure of the most creative designs. Our design services cover appointment of consultants under various heads, preparation of layouts, detailed drawings, color schemes and themes, furniture, lighting, air conditioning, electrical, safety, plumbing etc. All aspects like floor coverings, ceilings, wall finishes, furniture, cabinets/wardrobes, soft furnishings like bed covers, sofa fabrics, drapes and sheers are considered and given their due attention right from planning stage.

Colour in Interior

The residences designed reflect the personality of our clients, their needs, their style and their persona. We develop a personal relationship with our clients to be able to translate their passion, their dreams and their vision into a design which is unique and unparalleled.

We design spaces which are not just functionally and aesthetically perfect but HEALTHY as well. The edge of Building Doctors is in creating nature friendly buildings.

We provide complete services from designing to completion and that too within a mutually agreed time schedule and budget to suit their requirements. We also organize various consultants/ vendors/ suppliers/ contractors for our clients as per the specific requirements of the project.

Harmonious interiors.
Simplicity beats complexity.
Whatever your style, we’ll help you achieve it.

Colour in Interior Design
Interior Design
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