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Colour is a radiant energy present everywhere and affecting almost everyone. It affects people, buildings, environment and nature too. It is used for aesthetic strength in Interior design, architecture, fashion and landscaping. It is a remedial tool in Scientific Vastu ™, astrology and numerology.  Color design workshop in Delhi. It is observed as a strong energy affecting everyone and everything. All the states of colour- additive, subtractive or non physical additive have a strong impact.

Colour is all around us, filling our lives with its powerful energy and affecting our moods and emotions. Like the air that we breathe, we don’t actually take time to think about the role that it plays in our everyday lives. Colour has played an important part in the history of mankind. Color design workshop in Delhi. Color is a silent language that we all react to based on whether it is a behavioral response or a learned response.

Colours are useful part in life of every human, so it helps in changing the energy levels of an individual or their dwellings.
Colours can be used to enhance meaning, establish identity, communicate mood and to show associations.

Colour fundamentally affects your quality of life and wellbeing on a largely subconscious level. There’s a whole world of colour knowledge out there so why does it stop at the colour wheel? this whole new exciting program about colours will enhance your knowledge of colour which is still limited to color wheel and put you ahead of everyone in your field. Color design workshop in Delhi. This takes over where traditional colour training stops. Colour Psychology is coming to the forefront in the design world now because more and more designers and colour professionals are realizing it supports and enhances your intuition so you can create even more amazing and consistent results for your clients. These results include increased well-being in the home and in healthcare environments, promoting positive behavior in the workplace and attracting ideal customers in business and making those all-important sales. Learn the ‘colour language’ whereby certain colours inspire common reactions in people.

WHO IS THIS FOR? -This course is for you if you

  • Work with colour and want to be more confident in colour choice for colour design and therapy.
  • Has an interest and passion for colour.
  • Work in any field related to colours, including architects, product design, branding, graphic design, interior designers and textile designers, artists, advertisers, fashion design, makeup artist and graphic design, healer, colour therapist, Vastu expert and astrologers ,Color design workshop in Delhi. etc.
  • Wish to establish own name & identity as a Professional Colour Expert and start with Colour Design consultancy business.
  • Looking for something totally unique that add an edge to your existing colour knowledge
  • Are a homemaker or owner wanting to bring your own personality and love of colour to your home
  • If you have always be curious about colour psychology
  • Want to communicate better with your clients about colour
  • Aspire to be a leader in the design industry as professionalColour expert
  • Want to explore the possibilities of  working with colour
  • Do guess work for colour recommendations
  • Would like to increase your credibility and confidence by knowing your choices are scientifically based to elicit the behaviors’ wanted by your clients
  • Are interior designer & ready to harness the power of colour so that it expresses true personality, values and even influences positive behaviors’

What you’llget benefit

  • An in-depth understanding of colour.
  • How to vastly increase design quality through colour selection?
  • How to work successfully with colour?
  • How to apply colour principals to art and design?
  • Understand colour mixing in any given scenario.
  • How to apply colour psychology to design outcomes?
  • How to choose the right colours to use to for the given application?
  • How to create the best possible colour coordination?
  • How to present a colour design project in collage form?
  • How light can be used as part of interior colour design?
  • How to analyze trends including what influences a trend?
  • How to effectively use colour to assist in the branding and image development of a business or product?
  • What colour psychology is truly all about?
  • How to create professionally presented colour design solutions incorporating painted finishes, interior and exterior environments?
  • How to understand and work with your client through client analysis by responding to briefs?
  • How to interpret and respond to industry design briefs?
  • How to use trend colours whilst learning how to identify a style in comparison to a trend?
  • Experiment with colour.
  • Communicate concepts and ideas through use of colour.
  • How easy it is to start implementing straight away to help you become a leader in your field?
  • How tap into the science of colour psychology to enhance an interior both in colour and design style so that it expresses your true personality and desired lifestyle?
  • Create a colour palette using your favorite trend colours, past and present to design a balanced and harmonious colour scheme for any room in your home.
  • Can become a Professional Colour Expert & can start working as a free lancer or they can work in Fashion Stores, Interior Designing Firm or in any Architectural Firm.
  • Become more confident and appreciated when you advise on colour.
  • Become more persuasive with your clients.
  • Become more skilled in advising on colour based on knowledge of how colours affect us in indoor surroundings.
  • You need no prior experience and there’s nothing further to buy or pay for.

What You’ll Learn

Colour & History

Colour notations including Munsell, NCS system, RGB, HSB, HSL, HSV, CMYK, XYZ, LAB, HEX, etc

Additive colours

Non physical additive colours

Subtractive & Additive colours- RGB

Colour mediums- Subtractive

Colour wheel

Colour names, psychology, physiology, use

Colour interaction, intensification,& transformation

Pattern &Texture

Colour schemes

Magic of colours

Dynamic World of Colours

  • Dynamic Use as Aesthetic Tool

Colour is used for Aesthetic purpose in Field of interior Design, architecture, landscaping, fashion design & textile design etc. Choosing a perfect colour on walls or curtains can drastically change the dimension of a space.

  • Dynamic Use as Remedial Tool

Colour is used for Remedial purpose in the field of Vastu science, Astrology, Numerology etc.

  • Dynamic Use as Therapeutically or Healing Tool

Colour is used for Therapeutical purpose in the field of healing. Our use the attuned science of Spectro choromo metry.Many diseases can be cured by colour therapy (Spectrochromometry) using the correct selection of colours

  • Dynamic Use as Spiritual Tool

Colour is also used for Spiritual purposes for meditation, colour visualization, aura scanning & Chakra balancing etc.One can choose a specific colour for mental peace and meditation and so on.

Colours in Nature

  • Nature based colour schemes
  • Nature inspired colour themes
  • Nature the true canvas of colours

Colours in Interior Design World

  • Interior colour application- commercial , residential , interior, exterior
  • Paints
  • Painting on walls
  • Wall covering
  • Colour rendering and perspectives
  • Inspiring colour themes
  • Colour pallet/basket

Colours in Vastu Science (31 Dynamic Remedies)

  • Chromo vastu
  • Colours as per scientific vastu&fengshui
  • Colour combination as per scientific vastu
  • Texture & patterns as per scientific vastu
  • Evaluation of colour value through instruments
  • Inspiring colour themes
  • Colour pallet/basket

Colours in Predictive Science

  • Colours & astrology
  • Lucky & unlucky colours through numerology
  • Inspiring colour themes
  • Colour pallet/basket

Colour in healing & therapeutic world

  • Colour intuition
  • Colour breathing
  • Colour meditation
  • Colour pallet/basket
  • Chromotherapy
  • Spectrochorometry the attuned science of healing through colour light
  • Colour bathing
  • Healing through colours
  • Colours and chakras
  • Inspiring colour themes
  • Colour pallet/basket

Colour in fashion world

  • Dyes and pigments
  • Colour culture
  • Current and future colour trends
  • Colour styles and trends
  • Colour forecasting
  • Inspiring colour themes
  • Colour pallet/basket

Colour in corporate world

  • Basics of logo design
  • Basic of product design& packaging
  • Colours in marketing/sales
  • Increasing business by colours
  • Professional and Promotional use of Colour
  • Inspiring colour themes
  • Colour pallet/basket

Mobile Application And Software

Selecting colours for client & self