Vastu for Multistorey Buildings & Apartement

Multistorey Buildings are those buildings, which have many floors. A single individual can get many floors constructed for personal use or commercial use. In such a case the family stays in the whole building. Such a case is simple because ownership title is clear and VASTU influence is easy to evaluate. Second situation is when a builder owns a plot and constructs a building on it. People purchase different floors. Therefore the ownership is floor wise. Still this case is simple because the directions play the same role on each floor as well. In higher floors the benefits of telluric energy is not utilized. Infact the impact of geomagnetic frequencies also diminishes. Another situation is when a builder purchases a bigger plot. Large buildings are constructed having many apartments. In such a case the owner neither owns the builders, nor any floor. The owner actually owns a part of the floor i.e. flat and not in completeness. Vastu for Apartments

The fourth case of Multistorey building is when construction companies purchase vast area. Such vast areas are used for complete development and to improve upon parks, swimming pools, gyms, health clubs, common water supply and parking. Such a residential complex caters to all the needs of the residents. Special provision for security is also done. Residents enjoy a better standard of living at common costs (cost shared by many people).This case is similar to the earlier case. The residents may purchase an apartment, which may be a part of the floor. In such a case the individual effect the directions are not equally effective.

Consideration in Multistorey Buildings:

The premises or the boundary plot carries utmost importance. The boundary or the demarca-tion peripheral line should be regular. There should not be any deduction, cut or extension in the outer boundary of the residential complex. A flaw in the outer boundary can create problems for everyone.

Vastu for Apartments

In residential complex there are many buildings in one area. It should be considered that two buildings should not sandwich the third building between them. The height of the building and the distance at which they are located also plays an important role.

Vastu for Apartments

Now in the above mentioned case B gets shadowed and sandwich between A and C. In this case, taking a flat in B would not be useful and worthwhile.

Secondly it should be noticed that the Northeast of the outer boundary is empty, low and clean. Preferably if there is an entry from NE, it would be great. There should not be any building in the extreme Northeast. Infact more buildings should be constructed in South, Southwest and West of the whole premises.

Vastu for Apartments

Thirdly it should be considered that all the buildings must have openings towards North and East. The orientation of the building be such that it does not get deprived of natural benedictions.

There are various facilities provided in residential complexes. It must be considered that there should not be swimming pool, underground tank or any major water related activity in Southwest. The Northeast of the compound should not have rock garden, heavy waterfalls & store room etc. If there is a temple in NE of the premises it would work as a blessings.

Vastu for Apartments

Front Fascia (Elevation) in a Multistorey Building

It should be taken in notice that the shape of the building should also be regular. The front face of the building should not highlight any part or element missing. It should portray a regular shape in the elevational picture.

The front fascia must have one material in domination. One idea, one concept and only one design should dominate. Too many ideas and materials should not be used on the fascia. A front fascia which does not posses windows or glazing does not count to be VASTU friendly.

Nowadays people prefer apartments. This is because the space is becoming costlier day by day. One floor is constructed on the other because of the paucity of space. Ideally the perfect laws of VASTU are for a plot, which has clear outer boundary and building built inside it. The laws do not go it is in case of apartments. The first difference that differentiates a flat is that it has no facing. It is because if a flat is open from three sides, it becomes three side open. The entries of such flats do not play an important role. The openings whether in form of windows, balconies or glazing creates the facing of the building. This is because a flat is high above the ground and it enjoys the entire natural benediction from all the sides, which are open. The impact of direction is relevant but entry and facing does not play an important role.

Considerations in Apartments:

The zoning of an apartment should be done similarly like an individual house. It location of the apartment in the building should be observed at the macro level. Every apartment may have some strong or weak directions. It is the duty of the expert to treat apartment as one unit as well as a part of the building and treat it. Normally apartments have their own set of limitations and advantages.

The Main Door and other openings has its own set of importance. We have to follow norms of Vastu Science. The apartments must ensure good light and ventilation. Sandwiched and subdued apartments are deprived of natural benedictions. Such flats should be avoided.

Since apartments are generally mirror images of each other, special care should be taken while considering the inner placements.

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