Vastu for Reception

Vastu for Reception & Entrance of an Office Spaces

A door is actually an opening in a building. The front door carries utmost importance because it reflects the image of the company. The front door should be beautifully designed. It should go with the fashion and should be different in itself.
A person first enters the front door before entering an office. The person entering the office collects a bundle of impressions from the front door. In reality it either confirms those impressions or dispels them. A person expects the image of the entrance door to be carried in the design scheme beyond.
A heavy door may be impressive and level changes architecturally intriguing, but both should be avoided because they will cause inconvenience to handicapped visitors. Apart from symbolism, the door has other functions. First, it must confirm to fire regulations. Secondly, the door, as well as its frame, should be securing, providing protection against break-ins and thefts. Finally, the entrance door could be equipped with a buzzer so that, the receptionist, without having to leave the desk, can open the door from within.
The office should have the main door in the northeast, east or north preferably. Vastu permits specific entries in all the directions considering the nature of business and people dealing with it. Doors and windows in north and east allow the cosmic benedictions to enter. It should be taken into account that the handle of the door should be of wood. The exterior sidewalls of the door should have pleasing and welcoming objects hanging on it. This would give the guest a feeling of warmth while entering.

Seating Area:
It is a fact that guests spent a lot of time waiting in the seating area or waiting area or reception. So a seating area of an office should be much more than a waiting area. It should be welcoming, soothing and attractive. Special lighting, somewhat moody, rather than task – oriented, can at once indicate the actual seating area and create visual pleasure for visitors. Flooring should be different from the one that is used in rest of the office.
Seating should be comfortable and cozy. Prefer independent seating for the guests. Individual sofa sets should be preferred in comparison to chairs. As most visitors will be strangers, they will feel least awkward in individualized seats – separate chairs or sofas. At ease, the visitors must nevertheless be kept alert because there is business to get through. Seating that is neither too low nor too soft will get this point across. The sofa set must ensure a waterfall edging. Fabrics must be durable because considerable wear and tear is obvious. The waiting area must ensure a fresh airflow or an air balance through an air condition. Life should be added to the area through indoor plants. In addition to the plants there should be fresh flowers kept in a flower vase on the center table. This would make the guest feel fresh, energetic and comfortable.
Walls give a company the chance to show of a little handsome logo carrying corporate identity, while display cases or shelves featuring the company’s products will further serve to impress. The wall elevations should be subtle and submissive. It should have products or paintings of positive value. In small offices with lighter traffic, the reception area can serve as a conference as well as, equipped with table and chair. While this may not be the most formal of arrangements but certainly it saves space.

Reception Areas:
The Reception desk serves double function. It is a symbol of welcome as well as a place where work is done. It must be functional as well as convey company’s image. Packages, messages, mails and incoming calls – all are received here. Reception area works as an interface between the office employees and the outsiders. The Reception desk entertains the calls and manages the visitors. In some offices the administration work is also managed by the reception desk. The reception maintains a database and co-ordinates with every one. The job is too pressurizing. The receptionist bears internal and external pressures. The receptionist deals with the outsiders and there fore need to look relaxed, comfortable and soft. The receptionists are generally engaged with calls. In smaller offices the desk should be equipped with buzzer controlling the entrance. The telephone is essential on a reception. Cubbyholes, each labeled with an employee’s name are useful and convenient repositories for messages. Despite all this, the receptionists stands as an island of calm, far removed from the chaos outdoors. The desk should not be overly inviting. Visitors neither should nor be tempted to dumb things there. A raised surrounding will clearly discourage too much of disturbances.

Generally there is a lot of stress and pressure in the reception area. The reception desk should be properly organized considering the paper flow. Additional desk tray organizers may be used as a cost effective solution. Repetitive unnatural twisted reaching can cause repetitive strain injury. Fatigue is a result of holding the phone handset and operating a keyboard. Hands free telephones can be used as it facilitate a normal posture while operating the computers. All machines should be conveniently placed near the reception desk.

The reception desk reflects the image of the office. It should have designer effects. Designer flooring with a variety of insulative materials should be used. Metal inlay should be avoided. Decorative mirrors can be used with curved edges. The prime fascia wall should have the logo of the organization. The reception should be open, airy and properly lighted. It should reflect the elements of nature. For e.g. that can be done by placing flower petals in a glass bowl full of water or by placing fresh flowers in the flower base.

the reception. It can have a pleasant and a welcoming concept or theme to work on. The furniture should be esthetically good. It should be stylish and reflect a good taste. It should provide basic comfort and support to all body parts. The chair should provide a complete flexibility with 3D rap around design, adjustable height and armrest, waterfall edge, anti shock mechanism and tilting mechanism. Scotch guard, silk or satin can be used as fabric for furniture. The colour of the fabric can be deep blue or pale yellow. It ensures cool and soothing environment. It strengthens hope, truth, honour and feeling of devotion.

Pastel tints of green can be used on walls. Paintings of green fields, prosperous farms and natural beauty etc. can be used for reception. Paintings of waterfalls can also be used in reception areas. Indoor plants like rubber plants and other palms can be used. Soft instrumental music of flute and sitars should be played. Soft music of piano should be played during the lunch hours. Jasmine, rose and saffron should aromatize the air.

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